Jackie Stewart's Car Collection Is A Mixture Of Old-School Beauty And Modern Luxury


By Joseph White

Published July 23, 2024

Jackie Stewart's Car Collection Is A Mixture Of Old-School Beauty And Modern Luxury

Table of Contents

  • 1956 Austin A30
  • 1964 Ford Zodiac
  • 1959 Austin-Healey Sprite
  • 1980 Jaguar XJ6 3.4
  • 1966 Ford Thunderbird Landau
  • 2008 Lexus LS 600hL

F1 legend Sir Jackie Stewart ruled the F1 tracks from 1965 to 1973, inspiring racers with his extraordinary racing skills. After his retirement, Stewart’s zeal led him to partner with iconic Murray Walker, and later on improve the safety of motor racing, campaigning for better medical facilities and track improvements at motor racing circuits, and many more.

Stewart’s love for cars began at a young age, working in his father’s garage as an apprentice mechanic. Even after retiring from racing, his passion for cars remained, as he adores driving his Range Rover and treats his Lexus LS 600h L like a mobile office. His life and career are a testament to his love for the sport. 

7. 1956 Austin A30

The Austin A30 was one of the most memorable cars of the F1 legend. He bought the spruce green car at the age of 17 after saving his hard-earned money, and it cost him around $520 at the time of his purchase.

1956 Austin A30Specs 
Price $520
Powertrain A-Series Inline-4 engine
Horsepower28 hp
Torque 39 lb.-ft
Transmission 4-speed manual gearbox
0-60 mph42.3 seconds
Top speed 70 mph

Stewart was a skilled mechanic as well so he fixed the pumps and punctures in the Austin A30. Aside from that he also adds his personal touch to the car by adding his custom seat covers made in Stewart tartan.

6. 1964 Ford Zodiac

It is undeniably true to admit that Jackie Stewart had an eye for some of the best classic cars of his time. He picked the premium vehicle that has a rear independent suspension, and an alternator instead of a dynamic one.

1964 Ford Zodiac Specs 
Price $1,320
Powertrain 3.0-liter V6 engine
Horsepower127 bhp
Torque 173 lb.-ft
Transmission Manual 4 speed
0-60 mph12.9 seconds
Top speed 100 mph

While recalling his old days when the car racers had to compete in various other seasons to make a good amount of money. That was when the head of Ford Britain Walter Hayes offered him the cream-colored Zodiac with a contract of £500 for promoting the brand.

5. 1959 Austin-Healey Sprite

The 1959 Austin Healey Sprite that Jackie Stewart has in his garage is the car that according to him has never had the luck to win any beauty contest. Jackie had to struggle a lot to grab this model at that time and just like the Austin A30, this car was a stepping stone in his journey to enter F1.

1959 Austin Healey SpriteSpecs 
Price $1,975
Powertrain 57.9 cu-in Inline-4 petrol engine
Horsepower55 hp
Torque 59 lb.-ft
Transmission 4-speed manual
0-60 mph20.5 seconds
Top speed 82.9 mph

The Sprite was initially launched as a sports car, however, the 1959 Mark I Austin Healey Sprite that Jackie owns is a face-lifted version of the previous year’s model. And it is also his second car that he put a lot of effort into adding to his collection.

4. 1980 Jaguar XJ6 3.4

For an ex-F1 racer like Jackie Stewart, it’s not unusual to own a classic car like the 1980 Jaguar XJ6, a car which at that time symbolized a blend of luxury and performance, in his collection. Having spent a significant amount of time with numerous racing cars, the XJ6 looks like a fitting car for Stewart.

1980 Jaguar XJ6 3.4Specs 
Price $5,800
Powertrain  3.6-liter Inline-6 engine
Horsepower160 bhp
Torque 188 lb.-ft
Transmission 5-speed manual gearbox
0-60 mph10.3 seconds
Top speed 119 mph

Jackie over the years grew so close to his classic Jaguar, that in 2004 he also went to the Los Angeles Auto Show to reveal the 2004 Jaguar XJ.

3. 1966 Ford Thunderbird Landau

The 1966 Ford Thunderbird Landau was an iconic car that was a symbol of American luxury and power. It is not unusual to see that Jackie owns one of these classic Fords, as it boasted a formal “boxy look” and was quite amazing in terms of performance.

1966 Ford Thunderbird landauSpecs 
Price $8,052
Powertrain 6.4-liter V8 engine
Horsepower315 hp
Torque 427 lb.-ft
Transmission 3 speed automatic
0-60 mph9 seconds
Top speed 120 mph

Aside from the looks and the performance the Landau also offered a different kind of pleasure, one rooted in elegance and comfort and this further led Jackie to add one of this classic American beauty to his collection.

2. 2008 Lexus LS 600hL

Jackie nowadays prefers to rely on riding on his chauffeur-driven Lexus LS 600hl at this point of age. We believe aging and dyslexia can be a reason for him to rely on his chauffeur while riding his hybrid car.

2008 Lexus LS 600h LSpecs 
Price $102,000
Powertrain 5.0-liter hybrid V8 engine
Horsepower389 hp
Torque 385 lb.-ft
Transmission 8-speed CVT w/OD
0-60 mph5.6 seconds
Top speed 130 mph

He owns the 2008 model of the LS 600hl, which came with a price tag of approximately $102,000 at that time. Alongside the billionaire Richard Branson, Jackson was among the first to order the car when it was launched in the UK.

1. Range Rover LWB 

According to Jackie, the Range Rover LWB is a vehicle close to his heart. As he once in an interview with Petrolicious said “I’ve got a Range Rover, a long wheelbase, which I love. I drive that more than anything else, but I don’t drive very much.

2016 Range Rover Specs 
Price $108,195
Powertrain 5.0-liter V8 engine
Horsepower510 hp
Torque 461 lb.-ft
Transmission 8-speed shiftable automatic
0-60 mph5.0 seconds
Top speed 140 mph

The LWB is a premium trim variant from the Range Rover, it has 12-way power seat adjustable options and a plethora of other features and amenities. So it looks like the ex-F1 racer must have prioritized the car because of its maximum comfort while riding the car.

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What was Jackie Stewart's first car?

The 1956 Austin A30 is Jackie Stewart's first car, which he bought at the age of 17.

Which team did Jackie Stewart drive for in F1?

Throughout his career, Jackie Stewart drove for 3 different teams including Owen Racing Organisation, Tyrell Racing Organization, and Matra International.

What is the priciest car in Jackie Stewart's collection?

The priciest car in Jackie Stewart's collection is the Range Rover LWB, that comes with a price tag of $108,195.

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