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About Joseph White

Meet Joseph White, an integral part of our VIPFortune team, who earned his Baccalaureate in Accounting from St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wisconsin. Joseph is a passionate individual who has a knack for writing, he started as a freelancer before becoming a permanent part of the VIPFortunes, in December last year. Joseph’s favorite thing to relax is a glass of pint and reading, so much so that he either reads or does other important things in life. Whether they are blogs, conspiracy theories, books, or even science papers, he likes to grab information in whatever shape or form, regardless of the topic. He is one of the key players in our editorial team due to his extensive knowledge of various topics. He plays a huge part in research-intensive articles across different formats of content. Joseph is a unique blend of a good writer, vast knowledge, and great analytical skills ensuring that VIPFortunes continually delivers top-notch content.

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