Check Out 4-time F1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel’s Car Collection

By Simon Boseman

Published June 27, 2024

Check Out 4-time F1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel’s Car Collection

The former German F1 world champion, Sebastian Vettel, has driven for some of the biggest F1 teams in the world, like Red Bull, Ferrari, and Aston Martin. Similarly, outside the F1 paddock, Vettel has been the owner of some of very gorgeous and unique cars.

Although his collection isn’t as extensive or diverse as some of his racing rivals, such as Lewis Hamilton, Vettel's automobile collection is nonetheless highly impressive. Vettel's ex-teammates, Charles Leclerc, Daniel Ricciardo, and Kimi Raikkonen also happen to have cool car collections.

The current number of cars in his garage has decreased in the past year after he decided to sell eight of his cars. That said, with a net worth of over $140 million, Sebastian Vettel still is the owner of some extremely rare and one-of-a-kind vehicles. Read ahead to find out more.

How many Formula 1 championships has Sebastian Vettel won?

Sebastian Vettel has won 4 Formula 1 championships. He won his first championship in 2010, at the age of 23, becoming the youngest driver to win the title. He then went on to win the championship again in 2011, 2012, and 2013. He is currently tied with Alain Prost for third place on the all-time list of Formula 1 drivers with the most championships.

What teams has Sebastian Vettel driven for in Formula One?

Sebastian Vettel has driven for four teams in Formula One. He has raced for BMW Sauber (2007-2008), Toro Rosso (2008-2009), Red Bull (2009-2014), Ferrari (2015-2020), and Aston Martin (2021-2022).

What is Sebastian Vettel's best F1 season?

Sebastian Vettel's best F1 season was in 2013 when he won the championship with 395 points. He won 13 races that season, which was the most of any driver, at the time. He also had 10 podium finishes and 5 pole positions. 

What is 'Race Without Trace'?

Race Without Trace is a campaign started by four-time Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel to promote the use of sustainable fuels in motorsport. The campaign aims to show that it is possible to race cars without emitting harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. Vettel has partnered with P1 Fuels, a company that produces carbon-neutral fuel, to power his race cars. P1 Fuels is made from sustainably sourced biomass, and it does not produce any CO2 emissions when it is burned.

Vettel has driven cars powered by P1 Fuels at several events, including the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Race of Champions. He has also used the cars to promote the campaign on social media.

Infiniti Vettel FX Edition

What just started as a chat between the then Redbull Racing driver Sebastian Vettel and Shiro Nakamura, the Chief Creative Officer of INFINITI at the Geneva International Motor Show became a reality in just 6 months. The Infiniti FX was designed solely with the idea of praising the reigning World Champion of Formula 1.

The SUV was revealed for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and INFINITI revealed that it was one of their fastest cars to date.

Infiniti Vettel FX EditionSpecs
Powertrain5.0-liter V8
Horsepower420 hp
Torque384 lb-ft
Transmission7-speed automatic
0-60 MPH5.4 seconds
Top Speed155 mph

The Infiniti FX Vettel Edition is quite a special car, it comes with a carbon-fiber structure and exterior. The same carbon-fiber material is also used in the Infiniti-partnered Redbull Formula 1 racing cars.

Aston Martin DBX

The first car on this list is the 2021 Aston Martin DBX. The DBX is the British automaker's first go at an SUV. The 2021 DBX is a prime example of the market segment it belongs to, and it has an alluring design, a potent engine option, and a smooth ride.

Sebastian Vettel got his 2021 DBX after he joined their Formula 1 team in 2021. The 2021 Aston Martin DBX has a starting price of $189,900 and it competes with the likes of the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600, and the Bentley Bentayga.

2021 Aston Martin DBX Specs
Powertrain4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8
Horsepower542 HP
Torque516 lb-ft
Transmission4-speed automatic
0-60 MPH3.9 seconds
Top Speed181 MPH

The 2021 Aston Martin DBX is aesthetically a drop-dead gorgeous vehicle, but it is more than that. As for the interior, the DBX comes loaded with a plethora of premium and desirable features and amenities that include ambient lighting, heated seats, a heated steering wheel, acoustic privacy glass, climate control, and many more.

8. Ferrari 488 GTB

Next up in Sebastian Vettel's car collection comes the Ferrari 488 GTB, which is one of seven Ferraris on this list. The 488 GTB was the successor to the 458. It was also the first mid-engine Ferrari to use a turbocharged V8 since the F40. The exterior is similar to the 458's in terms of style, and the interior is simple and does little to distract anyone from the driving experience.

The Ferrari 488 GTB, has stiff competition from the likes of the Lamborghini Huracan, McLaren 570GT, and Porsche 911 Turbo S. The starting price of the Ferrari 488 GTB is $262,647.

Ferrari 488 GTBSpecs
Powertrain3.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8
Horsepower660 HP
Torque560 lb-ft
Transmission7-speed dual-clutch automatic
0-60 MPH3 seconds
Top Speed205 MPH

The Ferrari 488 GTB is a powerhouse, and it provides lightning-fast acceleration as well. But there is more to it in the 488 GTB, such as the aerodynamic wizardry that goes on all thanks to the meticulous aerodynamic engineering that includes the double front spoiler, side air intakes, and the blown rear spoiler.

7. Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series

The next car on this list is the 2009 Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series. This is another car that Vettel ended up selling. The SL65 AMG Black Series was the high-performance variant of the R230 SL-Class.

Unlike earlier SL versions, the SL65 AMG Black Series wasn't offered as a convertible. The Black Series was only available as a hardtop because the roof mechanism added too much weight considering it was designed for maximum performance. The Black Series received numerous upgrades to the suspension, aerodynamics, and drivetrain, in addition to a fixed roof. The 2009 Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series has an estimated value of $307,389.

2009 Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black SeriesSpecs
Powertrain6.0-liter twin-turbocharged V12
Horsepower661 HP
Torque738 lb-ft
Transmission5-speed automatic
0-60 MPH3.8 seconds
Top Speed200 MPH

The 2009 Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series is a limited edition model, as Mercedes produced just 350 units of it. The SL65 AMG was gifted to Sebastian Vettel by the organizers for winning the 2009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix with Redbull.

Honorable Mention

All of the cars presented in the honorable mention have been mostly sold by Sebastian Vettel or have been listed for sale. Check out the complete list down below -

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

The 2010 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG was a grand tourer that was developed by the AMG division with the assistance of former F1 driver David Coulthard. The SLS AMG was the successor to the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. It was also described as a spiritual successor to the Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing, as it was heavily inspired by this car. The estimated value of a 2010 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is $224,677.

Ferrari 458 Speciale

The Ferrari 458 Speciale is the high-performance variant of the legendary 458 Italia. The Speciale differs from the ordinary 458 Italia in that it has forged wheels, a vented bonnet, finned side sills, a larger rear spoiler, and reworked bumpers with active aerodynamics; front and rear adjustable flaps balance downforce and reduce drag at high speeds. The estimated value of a Ferrari 458 Speciale is $590,000.

Ferrari F12tdf

The 2016 Ferrari F12tdf is a track-focused version of the F12berlinetta. The name, TDF, pays homage to the Tour de France automobile race that the company won with the Ferrari 250. On Ferrari's Fiorano test track, the F12tdf set a lap time of 1 minute, 21 seconds, which was 1.3 seconds quicker than the LaFerrari's record-setting lap time and 2 seconds faster than the ordinary F12berlinetta and 488 GTB. 799 units of the Ferrari F12tdf were produced, with each one of them having an estimated value of $963,000.

Ferrari F40

The Ferrari F40 was made to commemorate Ferrari's 40th anniversary. It was designed by Pininfarina and was the successor to the 288 GTO. The F40 was also the last car to be sanctioned before the death of the company founder, Enzo Ferrari.

The F40 was one of the most driver-focused vehicles of its day, lacking a radio, carpet, or inner door panels and having a plastic windshield. The body was made of a mix of aluminum, carbon fiber, and Kevlar. The double-wishbone suspension was used initially, and later, hydraulic ride-height adjustment was added to cars. A total of 1315 examples of the Ferrari F40 were built, with each one of them having an estimated value of $2.5 million.

Ferrari LaFerrari

The Ferrari LaFerrari is the successor to the iconic Ferrari Enzo. It was also the company's first car to use a hybrid powertrain. This is one of the most beautiful cars of this century, but sadly, Sebastian ended up selling it in 2021. 500 examples of the coupe version of the LaFerrari were produced. The estimated value of a 2016 Ferrari LaFerrari is $3.35 million.

Ferrari Enzo

The 2004 Ferrari Enzo was developed in 2002, and it used F1-style technology such as a carbon-fiber body and an automated-shift manual transmission.

The Enzo belonged to a limited series of Ferrari road cars, including the 288 GTO, F40, and F50, that showcased the company's ongoing quest to build the most luxurious and cutting-edge road vehicle. A total of 400 units of the Ferrari Enzo were produced, with each one of them having an estimated value of $3,500,000.

Ferrari F50

The Ferrari F50 was inspired by the 1990 Ferrari 641 (driven by Alain Prost), and its design was an evolution of the 1989 Ferrari Mythos concept car.

The F50 was created to commemorate Ferrari's 50th anniversary and was, at the time, the closest thing Ferrari had ever constructed to a road-ready Formula One car. The F50 relied only on the driver for control; it lacked power-assisted braking, anti-lock brakes, and power steering.

This vehicle embraced a purist commitment to performance. 349 examples of the Ferrari F50 were produced. The estimated value of a 1996 Ferrari F50 is somewhere between $3.5 million and $4 million.

That is it for what Sebastian Vettel’s car collection has to offer.

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