Jensen Huang Unloaded $169m Nvidia Shares In A Month

With the latest craze in AI and a $3 trillion market cap, Nvidia is rising high.

By Amanda Lee Swanson

Published July 23, 2024

Jensen Huang Unloaded $169m Nvidia Shares In A Month

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  • Nvidia chips are selling like hotcake 
  • GPU revolution and demand for AI
  • More Execs follow suit

Jensen Huang, the chief exec of Nvidia just sold a massive $169 million worth of the company’s shares in the month of June. This is his biggest unloading in a month, and the stocks have recently soared high. Artificial intelligence is the new trend in almost every industry and Huang’ Nvidia is here to power the revolution.

Nvidia chips are selling like hotcake 

Jensen selling 1.3 million Nvidia does not come as a surprise as the company has been doing extensively well. Nvidia achieved a $3 trillion market cap in May 2024 sitting comfortably at the top alongside Microsoft and Apple. The stocks have been on a steady high for the last few weeks with an average of over 120 USD. 

Nvidia saw almost 150% gain in its stocks compared to last year and CEO Huang has also been able to increase his earnings. Jensen has increased his net worth by more than a hundred percent in the last six months and he is among the top billionaires in the world.

GPU revolution and demand for AI

Artificial intelligence has established itself as the key to revolution in the global industry. The computer cheap sector was primarily dominated by Intel and Advanced Micro Devices where both of these were specialized in CPUs. 

Nvidia’s GPUs were more focused on videos and computer games until it was found that GPUs are more efficient in handling complex calculations and computing demands. Although other companies like AMD and Intel are already manufacturing GPUs, Nvidia’s headstart and mass production have kept them ahead in the race. 

Most importantly, the chips’ ability to operate with massive computing power swiftly and accurately has made it the number one contender for handling AI. Be it the automotive companies like Tesla or other software companies like Google, Microsoft, and Meta - all are using Nvidia chips to fuel their AI system. 

More Execs follow suit

Jensen Huang adopted a 10b5-1 trading plan in March 2024 and started his series of transactions almost immediately. However, he is not the only inside person from Nvidia to sell huge amounts of stocks. The latest reports from the company suggest that the directors and executives have sold over $700 million of shares in the first two quarters of 2024. 

This is such a huge feat that even the most recent sale of 25 million Amazon shares from Executive Chair Jeff Bezos seems too small in comparison. The one thing that has been common in both cases is that the companies are riding high due to the artificial intelligence craze. Considering the recent trends, these instances of selling stocks and funding charities keep on occurring. 

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