Inside Fast & Furious Actor Paul Walker's Ride Or Die Car Collection

Paul Walker's Car Collection

By Simon Boseman

Published June 26, 2024

Inside Fast & Furious Actor Paul Walker's Ride Or Die Car Collection

Paul Walker's car collection seemed to have a vast collection of amazing cars that were the "Fast & Furious" actor's representation of appreciation, love, and true passion for automobiles. After Paul Walker's tragic car accident, his car collection was auctioned through Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale. The auction covered all 21 cars from Paul Walker's collection, trucks, and motorcycles, and they were sold for exactly a total of $2,333,450 according to Barrett-Jackson's chairman and CEO Craig Jackson. 

10. Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale

Paul Walker's 2004 Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale

Paul Walker's Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge is most probably the best-looking car from his collection. However, it wasn't just a regular 360, it had unique track-focused elements thanks to the special "Challenge Stradale" trim level, and boy-oh-boy, look at the rims!


The Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale was 240 lbs lighter than the Modena and is equipped with all the lightweight optional accessories. As of now, the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale seems to have an estimated price of $195,000.

Ferrari 360 Challenge StradaleSpecs
Price$195,000 (est.)
Engine3.6L V8
Horsepower419 hp
Torque275 lb-ft
Transmission6-speed manual
Exterior ColorRed

Paul Walker's 360 Challenge Stradale was auctioned on Feb 10, 2024, at Barrett-Jackson auction house. Although, the late actor did not have any images of him with the Ferrari still the car holds so much significance for true car enthusiasts.

9. Second Generation E36 BMW M3 (1992-1999)

Paul Walker's E36 BMW M3

Paul Walker also had several E36 M3 models in his collection, which are considered one of the best-handling sports cars of its era. Four out of the five of these E36 M3s from Paul Walker's collection have been mentioned together, as they come with higher mileage than the fifth one, which we’ve covered separately.

All of these were sold in the Barrett-Jackson auction in 2020. The most expensive one among them went for $258,000 and it had completed 42,514 miles at the time of the auction.

E36 BMW M3 LightweightSpecs
Price$200,000 (est.)
Engine3.0L Inline-6
Horsepower240 hp
Torque225 lb-ft
Transmission5-speed torque-converter automatic
Exterior ColorAlpine White III

All these M3 models were lightweight units of the standard M3, limited to 125 units worldwide. The M3 cars were all wrapped in the Alpine White III exterior color. An M3 model with 14,283 miles on the odometer was sold for $242,000.

The remaining two M3 models both fetched a price of $220,000. One had completed 15,485 miles, whereas the other had a running of 34,400 miles. Together, these four units fetched nearly a million dollars.

8. First Generation E30 BMW M3 (1986-1991)

Paul Walker's E30 BMW M3

Paul Walker owned two first-generation BMW M3 models. These include a 1988 M3 and a 1991 M3. The 1991 BMW E30 M3 from Paul Walker's collection sold for $220,000, whereas the usual valuation is somewhere around $70,000 if in decent shape. It had an auction-time running of 7,644 miles and was finished in Alpine White II exterior and got an all-black interior. 

E30 BMW M3Specs
Engine2.3L Inline-4
Horsepower192 hp
Torque170 lb-ft
Transmission5-speed manual
Exterior ColorAlpine White II

The 1988 M3 on the other hand also got the same exterior color but featured a Natur Bison interior. The car was initially made for racing in the DTM series. Back then, it came with a limited-slip differential with a retuned MacPherson strut at the front and a semi-trailing arm at the rear. This model had an odometer reading of 32,269 miles at the time of auction.

7. Rolls-Royce Ghost Series I

Paul Walker's Rolls-Royce Ghost Series I

Despite being an avid car enthusiast, Paul Walker also had some of the best luxury tourers of that time. One such car in Paul Walker's collection was the Rolls-Royce Ghost Series I, which had an estimated price of $300,000 on launch. Paul Walker's Rolls Royce Ghost was finished in a matte blue exterior, done in a two-step process involving a blue base layer with a matte clear wrap.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Series ISpecs
Price$300,000 (est.)
EngineTwin-turbocharged 6.6L V12
Horsepower562 hp
Torque575 lb-ft
Transmission8-speed automatic
Exterior ColorMatte Blue

Records indicate the exterior paint change cost $11,000. Even though this was a part of his collection, Paul Walker was rarely seen in the Ghost. It came with a custom interior with white seating and was equipped with 22-inch wheels. 

6. Ford Shelby GT350SR 40th Anniversary Edition

Paul Walker's 2006 Ford Shelby GT350SR

Paul Walker’s Ford Shelby GT350SR was a 40th-anniversary edition model of the 1965 model year car. The GT350SR has an estimated price of $200,000. The GT350SR was a track-ready yet street-legal classic American muscle car. The 2006 Shelby GT350SR was limited to just 40 units and was specifically made to celebrate the 40 years of the original Shelby GT350.

Ford Shelby GT350SRSpecs
Engine7.0L V8
Horsepower585 hp
Torque620 lb-ft
TransmissionTremec 5-speed manual
Exterior ColorSilva Silver

Paul Walker's Shelby GT350 SR also got a 9-inch locking differential and came with major improvements to the chassis and the body to increase rigidity. It also has a custom side exhaust with power steering and adjustable trailing arms. To support its quick performance, the car comes with 4-wheel disc brakes.

5. 1995 BMW M3 Lightweight

Paul Walker's 1995 BMW M3 Lightweight

This M3 lightweight deserves a unique place for two reasons: one, its auction price, and two, its mileage. Sold at an auction value of 385,000, this specific model had an odometer running slightly above the 4,600-mile mark. Compared to the standard M3, the Lightweight edition was 220 lbs lighter than the standard M3.

BMW M3 LightweightSpecs
Engine3.0L Inline-6
Horsepower240 hp
Torque225 lb-ft
Transmission5-speed torque-converter automatic
Exterior ColorAlpine White III

Paul Walker was quite proud of his collection of M3 models, which was seven in total. This M3 Lightweight also got a factory LTW wing with no race livery. The interior was a combination of cloth and carbon fiber. The weight loss was achieved through the removal of the air conditioner, the sunroof, and the tool kit; some parts were made of aluminum as well. These include the door skins, the carpet, and the underbody insulator.

4. Ford GT

Paul Walker's 2005 Ford GT

Another unique and showstopper car owned by Paul Walker is this classic Ford GT. Paul Walker’s Ford GT was painted in a shade of bright red, and it was one of those no-nonsense supercars from America that didn't care about anything else but going faster than other supercars at any given moment. The car was sold for $478,000 in 2021.

Ford GTSpecs
EngineSupercharged 5.4-Liter V8
Horsepower550 hp
Torque500 lb-ft
TransmissionRicardo 6-speed manual transmission
Exterior ColorRed

The GT is one of the rarest cars in Walker’s collection and it holds a rich history as well. Ford raced a model named the GT40 in the late 1960s at Le Mans, and the car was so good that it kept on beating the championship leader Ferrari for several seasons. It was built under the supervision of the legend Carroll Shelby himself, and in 2005, Ford resurrected it in street-legal form to keep the legacy of the GT40 alive!

3. BMW M1

Paul Walker's 1980 BMW M1

Next up is the BMW M1, a classic piece of art from the pre-2000s era that steals the show at any given moment. The BMW M1 owned by Paul came with the classic BMW paint scheme, which incorporated the use of red, blue, and violet for its three stripes. The car ended up being sold for around $500,000.

BMW M1Specs
Engine3.5L Inline-6
Horsepower273 hp
Torque243 lb-ft
Transmission5-speed manual
Exterior ColorBMW M tricolor

Paul Walker's M1 was a race car built for the road, and only 453 units were ever made. Of these, 399 were built for the road, whereas the remaining were made for racing purposes. It is also one of the rarest production models from BMW. 

2. Saleen S7

Paul Walker's Saleen S7

The Saleen S7 is one of the most iconic cars in the American hypercar world and in addition to that one was actually owned by the famous ‘Brian O’Conner'. Although the late actor was rarely seen driving his Saleen S7, considering the enigma and personality of the late actor surely fitted his automotive appetite.

Saleen S7Specs
Engine7.0L V8
Horsepower550 hp
Transmission6-speed manual
Exterior ColorWhite

Paul Walker's Saleen S7 was probably the most popular car in his collection of cool cars, and it had an insane launch price of $375,000, but now it's estimated to be worth around $700,000. The all-aluminum build with a carbon fiber body kept the car’s weight under check at 2,865 lbs. 

1. Porsche Carrera GT

Paul Walker's Porsche Carrera GT

At the top of this list is the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT. The car cost an expensive $448,400 back in 2005, and today, collectors pay over a million for one of these. It was one of the best sports cars ever made by the Stuttgart brand. The Carrera GT was limited to 1,270 units worldwide, and Paul Walker's Porsche was one of those limited bunches. 

Porsche Carrera GTSpecs
Engine5.7-Liter V10
Horsepower605 hp
Torque435 lb-ft
Transmission6-speed manual
Exterior ColorRed

The Porsche Carrera GT was manufactured between 2004 and 2007. The car was code-named “Project Code 980” and was first revealed as a concept car back in 2000. Paul Walker's Porsche Carrera GT was a mid-engine car that sent power to the rear wheels, and his car was finished in a shade of red. The Carrera GT was the car in which the tragic accident happened where the "Fast & Furious" actor along with his friend and race car driver Roger Rodas. 

Honorable Mentions:

Apart from the above-mentioned models, Paul Walker also owned some other cars that were later auctioned at the Barrett-Jackson auction house back in 2020. We have made a table of the rest of the cars with their auction price below:

Paul Walker's Car CollectionAuction Price
2009 Nissan 370Z$105,600
1989 Nissan Skyline R32 race car$100,100
BMW 850CSI$98,500
2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302S race car$95,700
1995 Ford Bronco SUV$73,700
1967 Chevrolet Nova Custom Coupe$60,500
2004 GMC Sierra$33,000
2000 Audi S4$29,700
2003 Ford F250$19,800
2006 Toyota Tundra$16,500

The proceeds from the auction went to the Paul Walker Foundation, which is dedicated to providing grants and scholarships for marine science.

This is it for what Paul Walker's car collection has to offer. Check out the links below for more articles related to the celebrity car collection.

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How many cars did Paul Walker have?

Paul Walker was an avid car collector and had more than 21 cars in his garage. His collection included a series of E36 BMW M3, which included rare lightweight editions.

Which car was Paul Walker in during the fatal crash?

Paul Walker died in the passenger seat of the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT alongside his friend, Roger Rodas, in a fatal crash. The Carrera GT crashed into a stationary pole in Santa Clarita, California, causing the deaths of both occupants inside.

What car did Paul Walker drive in Fast and Furious?

Paul Walker drove a twin-turbocharged electric blue Nissan Skyline GT-R 34 powered by a V6 2.6-liter engine with dual overhead cams in the fourth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise back in 2009. The Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 was Paul Walker's signature car, and the franchise continued later on.

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