Joey Logano's Car Collection Is Overwhelmed With Over 20 Ford Models

By Simon Boseman

Published July 23, 2024

Joey Logano's Car Collection Is Overwhelmed With Over 20 Ford Models

Table of Contents

  • Joey Logano’s Race Cars
  • 2015 Ford Cooper Standard No. 29
  • 2014 Ford Mustang Hertz-Penske GT
  • 2016 Ford Mustang No. 22 Race Car
  • 2009 No. 20 Home Depot Toyota Camry Sprint Cup Race Car
  • 2019 No. 22 Shell Pennzoil Ford Mustang

Joey Logano is a NASCAR Cup Series champion who has proven time and time again that he has what it takes to compete at the highest level of the sport and that hunger started at the age of just 9 years old. With a winning record that includes multiple Cup Series victories and a reputation for being a savvy and strategic driver, Logano is a fan favorite every time he takes to the track.

But it’s not just his on-track success that makes him stand out – Logano is also known for his obsession with automobiles especially collecting Ford vehicles. Joey Logano’s car collection is a special one as he has more than 20 cars in his garage and he wants to keep staking his garage up with new Fords for the time being. 

Joey Logano’s Race Cars

Joey Logano not only won many people’s hearts by winning the NASCAR Championship multiple times but also secured a few championship-winning race cars and some limited edition Cup cars for his name which are listed below. 

1. 2015 Ford Cooper Standard No. 29

Joey Logano and his 2015 Ford Cooper Standard No. 29Source: YouTube (Joey Logano)

Being a Ford Performance driver for years now, Joey Logano’s car collection is filled with several of his race-winning cars, and the first one is a Ford Cooper Standard from the 2015 Bristol Dirt. He drove alongside his teammate Brad Keselowski and after winning the race, Brad gifted Joey with the race-winning Ford Truck.

2. 2014 Ford Mustang Hertz-Penske GT

Joey Logano and his 2014 Ford Mustang Hertz-Penske GTSource: Motortrend

Back in 2013, Hertz announced a partnership with Roger Penske to come up with 150 limited edition Ford GT Mustangs equipped with high-performance kits. Later, they authorized only 10 cars to be out in the market for customers it is one of the rarest Mustangs on the planet. 

Naturally, being a Team Penske race driver Joey was fortunate enough to get his hands on one of these Hertz-Penske GTs. He has shown off his Hertz-Penske GT in one of his YouTube videos when taking a tour of his garage. 

3. 2016 Ford Mustang No. 22 Race Car

Joey Logano and his 2016 Ford Mustang No. 22 Race Car after locking 4th position in the 2016 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Can-Am 500 at ISM Raceway in Phoenix. Source:

After joining Team Penske, Jey grabbed his first-ever Penske win back in the 2016 NASCAR Sprint Cup Race at Michigan. To congratulate the young prospect, Team Penske gifted him the race-winning Mustang with the iconic Red & Yellow color scheme.

4. 2009 No. 20 Home Depot Toyota Camry Sprint Cup Race Car

Joey Logano and his 2009 No. 20 Home Depot Toyota CamrySource:

The race that shaped his career for Logano was in 2009 in the Sprint Cup Series beating the likes of Jeff Gordan and Tony Stewart. Despite being a 19-year-old kid, Joey was the winner of that race using a Toyota Camry.

After winning the race, the racing team allowed Joey to have the car as a gift to cherish his remarkable racing feat. The V10 on the No. 20 Home Depot Toyota Camry boasts over 550 hp and blistering torque as well as 4 seconds of 0-60 acceleration making it a worthy car for his collection. 

5. 2019 No. 22 Shell Pennzoil Ford Mustang

Joey Logano and his 2019 No. 22 Shell Pennzoil Ford MustangSource: YouTube (Joey Logano)

Ford first introduced Mustang at NASCAR racing back in 2018 and the same year was huge for Joey Logano as he won his first-ever International NASCAR Cup at the 2018 Monster Energy Cup Series. 

Ford allowed Logano to have the car to himself and later he customized it for drift purposes. Ford Performance put out a video back in 2018 showcasing Joey Logano and Vaughn Gittin Jr. drifting their NASCAR Mustangs on the racetrack. 

6. 2016 No. 22 Shell Pennzoil Ford Fusion “50th Anniversary Edition”

Joey Logano and his 2016 No. 22 Shell Pennzoil Ford Fusion “50th Anniversary Edition”Source: YouTube (Joey Logano)

Arguably the most prized race car in Joey Logano’s car collection is the 2016 Ford Fusion “50th Anniversary Edition”. The car was used in a few NASCAR Cup Series races. This is the car that Joey likes to call “A neat all-out race car”. 

The car comes with a Brick Red and Yellow color scheme with all photos of Team Penske’s wins at the NASCAR Championship embedded on the front hood. These photos cover all the big names from Mario Andretti to Rusty Wallace who have raced for Roger Penske. 

That’s all he has now in his collection in terms of race cars and we can surely expect Joey to add a few more championship-winning race cars to his collection before he retires. 

Inside Joey Logano’s Weird And Unique Cars

Joey does have some neat race cars and classic Ford models in his collection but the majority of them are unique and weird in their own sense. So, dive in and find out Joey’s obsession with weird Ford cars. 

1. 1935 Factory Five Ford Drift Truck

Joey Logano and his 1935 Factory Five Ford Drift Truck

Being a Ford Performance racer, Joey is obsessed with Ford vehicles no matter the lengths he has to go making them unique and cool. Joey owns a Factory Five-made 1935 Ford Truck which he customized with snap-on with a cup motor inside it churning out a bonker 850 horsepower. 

Joey loves his factory five Ford and even fitted the car with knock-off tires, a custom wheelbase, five sequential transmissions, and a matte black exterior paint job with white stripes. He often takes out the car to have fun on tracks and keeps doing burnouts just for fun. 

2. 1930 Ford Model A Rat Rod

Joey Logano and his 1930 Ford Model A Rat RodSource: YouTube (Joey Logano)

“I love Ford cars and I like kind of having something a little bit different…” - that’s what exactly Joey Logano has to say when talking about any of his cars but boy this is a whole lot different. Back in 2015, Joey got a 30s Ford Model A Rat Rod and it is extreme to the point where the car is not even practical for a ride. 

Built like an alligator exoskeleton, Joey’s Rat Rod is an eye-turner and will surely catch your attention. The car has way too low ground clearance to the point that a person sitting in the rear seat can lose their arm due to the wheel size. 

3. 1953 Ford Cab Over Ramp Truck

Joey Logano and his 1953 Ford Cab Over Ramp Truck

Adding another among his weird cars is the 1953 Ford Ramp Truck. Joey got stuck with the car from the time when Ruttledge Wood sold the car to Logano a few years back. This big old Ford Truck is just a project vehicle for Joey’s future project and he said, “...We haven’t yet figured out exactly what we want to do with it, but we know it’s a big project just 'cause it’s big. It'd be nice to roll into a car show and throw a real neat car on top, maybe the Model T or something." 

4. 1961 Ford Econoline Pickup

Joey Logano and his 1961 Ford Econoline PickupSource: YouTube (Joey Logano)

Logano’s garage features a 1961 Ford Econoline Pickup that he bought from a race track security guy in Charlotte. The car was in bad shape and Joey put a lot of money and time into restoring the Econoline. 

As a result, Logano even customized the Econoline to be a family camper truck with a TV and a bed in the back making it a quality camper ride for him. 

5. 1938 DMC DeLorean

Joey Logano and his DMC DeLorean Source: Facebook & X (NASCAR on NBC & Joey Logano Twitter)

Lastly, Joey’s collection won’t be filled without the most futuristic cars that took the world by surprise and it’s the infamous car from the science fiction film “Back To The Future” - the 1938 DMC DeLorean.

Joey’s DeLorean has a 2.85L V6 engine with an output of 130 hp and the car was also used as an inspiration for the Delixo car in the popular video game GTA V.

Logano’s Vintage Cars To Modern Day Supercar

1. 1924 Ford Model T

Joey Logano and his 1924 Ford Model TSource: YouTube (Joey Logano)

Joey wanted to start where Ford started and that led to him owning a 1924 Ford Model T, the first-ever production from the American brand. He has his Model T in Glossy Black exterior with wooden spoke wheels. 

Logano has said in several of his YouTube videos that the Model T is his favorite car of all time. He said, “The Model T is the most fun car to drive, I swear. It’s so much fun you feel like you are going 120 when you are going 20…”

2. 1946 Ford Super Deluxe Sedan

Joey Logano and his 1946 Ford Super Deluxe SedanSource: Autoweek & YT

Back in the ‘40s, Ford used to race in Sedans, especially in their Super Deluxe sedans and Joey Logano’s father had a 1946 Super Deluxe Sedan which he sold when Joey was a kid. The Team Penske” NASCAR racer was fascinated by the car and wanted to have that in his car collection.

Finally, in 2020 Joey was able to buy back his father’s Super Deluxe Sedan and did all the necessary restoration. In an interview with Autoweek back in 2022, Joey said, “...I have a '46 Ford Super Deluxe Sedan. But this was a car that my dad actually had when I was a kid. He sold it. I just recently bought it back about a year ago, two years ago, maybe now. And so the fact that they used to race it blows my mind.”  

3. 1947 Hudson Pickup

Joey Logano and his 1947 Hudson PickupSource: Autoweek

Besides having all the fame and fortune in the world, Joey is a devoted family man and never misses a chance to surprise his family members with surprises. Logano has a 1947 Hudson Pickup which he bought for his eldest son Hudson - a perfect gift for the son of a NASCAR racer.

In an interview with Autoweek, Joey shared his thoughts and said, “...I bought my first son, my oldest son, a Hudson. He has had some big boy trucks and I thought to get him something, you know, kind of something for when he grows up to drive around on Sunday.”

4. 1956 Ford Panel Van

Joey Logano and his 1956 Ford Panel VanSource: YouTube (Joey Logano)

The next one on Logano’s car collection is a Panel Van from the mid-50s but don’t let the vintage metallic looks fool you. As the saying goes, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ and maybe it fits perfectly for Joey’s Ford Panel Van. 

The car has a GT500 drivetrain capable of delivering over 700 horsepower which is more than a 2023 Next Gen NASCAR car which is bananas to think about. Speaking about his Panel Van, Joey stated, “’s got a ton of power, super reliable, drive it anywhere you want. That’s kind of like the everyday cruiser.”

5. 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1

Joey Logano and his 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1Source: YouTube (Joey Logano)

Mustangs have a rich history regardless of terrain and timeline throughout their production years and Joey has kept the flow of Mustangs intact with his 1971 Mach 1 with some modern flames to it. He has even pasted his Cup racing no. 22 on the Mach 1 body. 

The car has the same color scheme (Matte Black with Silver stripes) as his Heritage Edition Ford GT but has a modern supercharged 5.0L Coyote engine making it a fast and fun car at the same time. 

6. 1993 Ford Mustang “Fox Body”

Joey Logano and his 1993 Ford Mustang “Fox Body”Source: YouTube (Joey Logano)

People have different opinions on the ‘90s Fox Body Mustangs, some love them while some don’t feel the same but for the NASCAR racer, it’s his emotion. Other than the classic glossy blue paint scheme, Joey’s Fox Body Mustang shares the same engine as the Mach 1 - a supercharged 5.0L Coyote motor.

This car is especially the favorite of Joey’s eldest son Hudson and Joey uses it to drop Jett off at school every now and then. 

7. 2017 Ford GT “Heritage Edition”

Joey Lohano and his 2017 Ford GT “Heritage Edition”Source: YouTube (Joey Logano)

The only supercar in Joey Logano’s car collection is the Ford GT and also it is a Heritage Edition which was only available back in 2017 making it a rare one in the collection. Additionally the car’s VIN no. is also 22 with the Cup racing no. 22 printed on it making it one-of-a-kind among other Ford GTs

The Ford GT boasts a 3.5L Twin-Turbo V6 engine putting out an enormous 674 horsepower and taking only 2. seconds to reach the 60 mph mark from a standstill. Joey stated in one of his YouTube videos, “This car is the complete opposite of the Model T. It makes you feel like you're going 60 when you're going 140…”

As much as Mr. Logano loves the old classics, he is also quite interested in modern-day Ford models being a Team Penske racer. Check out what Joey has more inside his garage. 

Joey Logano Added 3 Latest Ford Models In His Collection

Joey is always on the hunt for new cars to add to his car collection and being a Ford Performance NASCAR driver he gets early access to news about future projects and plans accordingly. Currently, Logano has 3 latest Ford models in his collection described below. 

1. 2021 Ford Bronco “Sasquatch First Edition”

Joey Logano and his 2021 Ford Bronco “Sasquatch First Edition”Source: YouTube (Joey Logano)

Joey actively collects new Ford models whenever they drop and the first one of them is the 2021 Ford Bronco and it’s the no. 22 production car from the Sasquatch First Edition finished in Velocity Blue over vinyl and leather interior. 

The car has a set of premium 17-inch black alloy beadlock wheels fitted with rugged 35-inch Goodyear Territory M/T tires. Joey put his Bronco up for sale to benefit the Joey Logano Foundation back in January 2024 and after Jan 31 the bidding was done. 

2. 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat EV Hybrid



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A post shared by Joey Logano (@joeylogano)

The next one on the list of cars is an EV Hybrid from the model year 2022 - a Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat Edition. Joey bought the EV pickup to use as his daily driving vehicle and go on small tours across his neighborhood. He even did detailing on the car’s body back in August 2023 and posted a hype video on his Instagram page letting his fans know about his recent project.   

3. 2024 Ford F-150 Raptor R



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A post shared by Joey Logano (@joeylogano)

Finally, the latest addition to Joey Logano’s car collection is a 2024 Ford F-150 RaptorR. Joey posted a short video on his Instagram account announcing his 2024 RaptorR purchase. The car has the same Velocity Blue color scheme and the #22 VIN number making it a perfect car for the NASCAR champ. 

The most shocking spec of this F-150 pickup is that it can outmuscle the TRX with its supercharged 5.2L V-8 pumping out an enormous 700 horsepower output. 

This is it for Joey Logano’s car collection till now. Stay tuned for more if Joey decides to buy a couple of other Ford models. You can also check out the links below for other celebrity and their car collection.

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What kind of car does Joey Logano drive?

Joey Logano drives a Ford Mustang in the NASCAR Cup Series, Daytona 500, and NASCAR Xfinity Series, a Toyota Tundra in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, an Acura ARX-05 in the Rolex 24 at Daytona, a Ford GT in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Who built Joey Logano's custom Mustang?

Logano has worked with several custom car builders and shops in the past, including Galpin Auto Sports, Petty's Garage, and Roush Performance, all of whom have built Lagano a customized Mustang, with Galpin making one in a matte black finish.

Does Joey Logano own a race team?

Joey Logano co-owns a Late Model race team with NASCAR driver and friend Ryan Blaney. The team is called Team Penske, and it competes in various Late Model races around the country. Additionally, Logano has a close relationship with Team Penske and drives for their NASCAR Cup Series team, where he has won multiple races and the Cup Series championship in 2018.

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