Here is Allen Iverson's Updated 2023 Car Collection

By Simon Boseman

Published January 4, 2024

Here is Allen Iverson's Updated 2023 Car Collection

Allen Iverson, a former American professional basketball player, has a combined wealth of $1 million. Allen's bad personal finances cost him a large sum of money. According to reports, Iverson was so lackadaisical with his money that when he kept forgetting where he decided to park his car at the airport, he purchased a new one rather than searching for it. Recently, Clippers' guard Russell Westbrook passed Allen Iverson on the scoring list, and fans aren't very surprised. Allen Iverson's parking space once resembled a car showroom due to his collection of luxury vehicles. He is recognized for his irresponsible spending, and he was not afraid to spend lavishly on cars. His most renowned possession among automobiles was his marble-white Bentley GT. He did, however, give it away as a luxury gift to one of his acquaintances. He previously owned a Lamborghini, a Hummer H1 Alpha, and a Cadillac Escalade. Nowadays, he has been seen driving a modified Maybach 57S.

How much does Reebok pay Iverson?

Allen Iverson might be facing financial difficulties, but he has an endorsement deal worth $32 million with Reebok. On his 55th birthday, he is expected to receive $32 million. As a part of this attractive deal, Iverson is also liable to receive an annual check of $800,000 as well.

How many dunks did AI have in his career?

Allen Iverson dunked 40 times in his career. Later on, Allen Iverson had to leave the NBA to take care of his sick daughter.

What brand is Allen Iverson signed with?

Authentic Brands Group has signed a deal with Iverson to develop and explore opportunities in the entertainment, endorsement, and partnership spaces. 

4. Mercedes Maybach 57S


To be honest, very few automobiles are as sophisticated as a Maybach. Allen Iverson has had his car customized by an American dealer. PPG Paint was used to paint the Maybach 57S black. Also, Suntek window film and smoked lights have been added to the windows. The wheels are 24" Savini SV37 wheels with floating center caps. Pirelli designed the tires specifically for the former NBA player.

Mercedes Maybach 57SSpec
Powertrain6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 engine
Horsepower603 hp
Torque738 lb-ft
Transmission5-speed automatic
0-60 MPH4.7 seconds
Top Speed155 mph

The Mercedes-Benz Maybach 57S is driven by a 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 engine with 603 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque. The car can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4.7 seconds. The Maybach 57s is fully customized and runs at a top speed of 155 mph

3. Cadillac Escalade

Allen Iverson Escalade

With unmatched aesthetics and strong V8 power, as well as a pleasant and comfortable interior, the Escalade earns its fame and flashy track record. Allen's wife drove this vehicle. However, there was news about this car being involved in legal proceedings.

Cadillac EscaladeSpec
Powertrain6.2 Liter V8 cylinder
Horsepower403 hp
Torque417 lb-ft
Transmission6-speed automatic
0-60 MPH6.35 seconds
Top Speed124 mph

The Cadillac Escalade is powered by a 6.2-liter V8 cylinder engine that produces 403 horsepower and 417 pound-feet of torque. It allows the car to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 6.6 seconds and attain a maximum speed of 124 mph. 

2. Hummer H1 Alpha HX 

Allen Iverson Hummer

The Hummer H1 Alpha HX was once owned by a former NBA player. The SUV was known for its beastly structure and moderate performance. However, Allen is well known for spending his money and buying luxurious cars for his family and friends. According to reports, Iverson drove this 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha HX for less than 3500 miles before actually selling it.

Hummer H1 Alpha HXSpec
Powertrain6.6-liter turbo diesel V8 engines
Horsepower205 HP
Torque440 lb-ft.
Transmission6-speed automatic
0-60 MPH-
Top Speed-

The Hummer H1 Alpha HX is powered by a 6.6-liter turbodiesel V8 engine producing 205 horsepower and 440 pound-feet of torque. The vehicle has a six-speed automatic transmission.

1.  Bentley Continental GT

Allen Iverson Bentley

Allen had a Bentley Continental GT, which he agreed to give up as a premium gift. This was one of his most well-known automobiles. The interior was customized with off-white leather, and the exterior was painted marble white. According to reports, he declared bankruptcy and was forced to sell his dream car. However, his Instagram said otherwise. Thus, in 2020, he finally gave this car to one of his friends.

Bentley Continental GTSpec
Powertrain6.0 Liter Twin Turbo Premium W-12
Horsepower582 HP
Torque531 lb-ft
Transmission8-speed automatic
0-60 MPH4.7 seconds
Top Speed206 mph

The Bentley Continental GT is driven by a 6.0-liter Twin Turbo Premium W-12 engine producing 582 horsepower and 531 pound-feet of torque. It allows the car to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds and achieve a maximum speed of 206 mph.

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