Terrell Owens' Net Worth Bounces Back From Money Meltdown

By Joseph White

Published June 23, 2024

Terrell Owens' Net Worth Bounces Back From Money Meltdown

Terrell Owens is one of the most well-known elite receivers in the NFL, who has boasted quite a storied career with teams like the 49ers, Cowboys, and many more. His journey began with the San Francisco 49ers back in 1996 and ended with the Seattle Seahawks in 2012.

In the afterglow of his shining career, Owens's fortune of over $80 million had placed him on the list among the NFL pantheons. However, after letting people handle his fortunes and losing most of his wealth he has reconciled with his father and prudence from his financial advocates.

Terrell now lives quite an active lifestyle while motivating his fans and other players through his storeyed legacy.

Net Worth$500,000
Salary$280,000 (Approximate)
Date of BirthDecember 7, 1973
Place of BirthAlexander City, U.S.
Height6’ 3”
ProfessionAmerican football player, Actor, Athlete
No. of HousesNone
No. of CarsMore than 3
No. of AwardsMore than 10

What Is Terrell Owens’ Net Worth?

Terrell Owens Working Out

Terrell Owens was among the highest-paid athletes in the NFL and that does not come as a surprise considering his incredible talent as a widebacker, and during his peak years he signed a massive $49 million contract with Philadelphia Eagles.

Aside from that there are multiple other sources of income for Terrell Owens if you talk about his earnings, such as his endorsements by Carl Jr. and Hardee, Plantfuel, and many more from which he has earned approximately $13 million. As of 2024, after all the bad financial decisions made by Terrell Owens turned into a disaster he has a net worth of just $500,000.

How Were Terrell Owens’ Early Life, Marriage, And Children?

Terrell Owens’ Younger Photos

Haling from Alexander City, Alabama, Terrell Eldorado Owens a.k.a Terrell Owens was born on the 7th of December, 1973 to Marilyn Heard and her neighbor L.C Russell. He did not have a comfortable upbringing as from a young age he was raised by his grandmother and mother. Also, Terrell had faced many fiscal trials that would surely daunt many. Yet those tribulations only motivated the athlete inside him to fight even harder.

Terrell developed a passion for football when he was quite young, and his interest started to shine after he attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. And it was his performance and hard work at the university that got him a place in the 1996 NFL draft.

Is Terrell Owens Currently Married?

Coming to the relationships of Terrell Owens, had multiple relationships throughout his life, the most prominent being with Rachel Snider whom he started dating back in 2009 and got married in 2014. But their marriage didn't last that long and they got divorced the following years. And currently, he is happily married to Lisa Askey. Aside from that he has also dated Serinda Swan, Felisha Terrell, Lisa Leslie, Kali Klinkenborgo, and Kip Force.

How Many Children Does Terrell Owens Have?

The former wide receiver has 4 children in total from his different relationships including two sons named Terique and Atlin, and two daughters named Kylee and Dasha.

What Is Terrell Owens’ Claim To Fame?

The NFL icon Terrell Owens began to gain limelight shortly after joining the San Francisco 49ers. However, his fame truly skyrocketed after he joined the Philadelphia Eagles, where he played quite a pivotal role during their Super Bowl 39 appearance. Alongside that, his record-breaking performances with the team made him famous among the masses.

His tenure with the Dallas Cowboys, marked by outstanding performances and flamboyant celebration solidified his status as an NFL icon. Although the stints with the Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills became brief, the wide receiver's impact remained indelible. So much so that after his retirement Owens' name was immortalized in the Hall Of Fame.

How Big Is Terrell Owens’ Car Collection?

Terrell Owens’ car collection might not be as big as some other athletes, out there but it truly portrays the taste and preference of the NFL Hall Of Famer. However, based on the information available, it is conceivable that his garage might harbor a couple of more cars that have eluded the media's eyes.

  • Volkswagen Beetle: Terrell Owens could not resist getting the legendary car that gave the biggest exposure to the European automobile tycoon Volkswagen. Yeah, you got it right, it's the Volkswagen Beetle. However, it is not the old-school Beetle that he owns, rather it is a 2003 Volkswagen Beetle.
  • Genesis GV80: Terrell Owens got his Genesis GV80 as a birthday gift. He has shared multiple pictures of the beautiful car on his Instagram.
  • Land Rover Range Rover: The Land Rover Range Rover is arguably one of Terrell's favorite cars, as he has been spotted driving it almost everywhere.

The curated convoy of Terrell might be a small one, but it truly mirrors his penchant for practically, meshed with luxury in a vehicle.

How Many Houses Does Terrell Owens Own?

Terrell Owens own

The exquisite estates owned by Terrell Ownes epitomize his affinity towards extravagance and solace. From a luxurious house to a humongous mansion, the NFL icon had it all before his fiscal disaster.

  • Moorestown, New Jersey: Terrell Owens owned a luxurious house in Moorestown. He purchased the 5.7-acre house in 2004 and sold it for $1.7 million in 2010.
  • Westlake, Ohio: Terrell Owens was also the owner of a 7,000-square-foot mansion in Westlake. He purchased the house for $2.5 million in 2007 and sold it for $1.8 million in 2013.

Throughout his lifetime, the iconic wide receiver has owned an array of houses. But publicly available data, he has divested all these properties and moved to his partner's residence.

What Brands Has Terrell Owens Endorsed?

Terrell Owens endorsed

Owens, also popularly known as T.O., has made quite some significant strides in his career, not just on the field but off the field as well through many endorsements. And some of them have also helped the former NFL star resurge financially.

  • Carl Jr. and Hardee: The American fast food chain and Owens have had an endorsement deal, and although the details regarding their deal are not available publicly it is quite evident that the brand has helped him rebuild his public image.
  • VitaminWater: Terrell Owens had an endorsement deal with a popular brand of enhanced water beverages VitaminWater. He was a part of their marketing campaigns.

Aside from these two prominent endorsement deals that Owens secured, he has also collaborated with a couple of brands like Plantfuel, and Drafster which have been quite instrumental in restoring his public image alongside his financial stability.

What are Terrell Owens’ charitable contributions?

Terrell Owens’ charitable contributions

The philanthropic work made by Terrell Owens throughout his life might have been forgotten due to the controversies surrounding him, however, that does not change the fact that the celebrated former NFL has made significant contributions in changing the lives of the ones in need.

  • T.O. Foundation: Terrell Owens established the "T.O. Foundation" to support underprivileged youth and their families. The foundation has been involved in various community initiatives, including back-to-school programs, holiday gift drives, and scholarships.
  • Breast Cancer Awareness: Terrell Owens has shown support for breast cancer awareness and research initiatives. He has participated in campaigns and events aimed at raising funds and awareness for the cause.
  • Habitat for Humanity: Terrell Owens has participated in Habitat for Humanity projects. It was to help to build homes for families in need.
  • Hurricane Katrina Relief: Terrell Owens made personal donations and contributed to relief efforts to assist those affected by the disaster after Hurricane Katrina.
  • Youth Sports Programs: Terrell Owens has been involved in programs and events that promote youth sports and encourage physical activity among children.

These are just a handful of the significant contributions that Owens has made toward society, aside from that he has also launched a mega fundraising campaign, "81 Tackles Hunger" to tackle any issues and benefit the Food Bank Of Western New York. That's not it there are numerous other small charity works that the former NFL star contributed to, but were not covered by the media.

What's Next For Terrell Owens?

Despite the financial challenges in the past, Terrell Owens stays quite active in the football scene. And his recent entrepreneurial pursuit also looks to further enhance his ongoing interest in football and entertainment. Other than that, there is not much known about it.

Related Celebrities

Throughout his career, Owens has maintained good relationships with some prominent figures in both the entertainment and sports industries.

Among the list of celebrity friends, he shares a close friendship with just a few, and they are Chad Ochocinco, who is also a former NFL player and also shares a mirroring lifestyle to that of Owens, Monique Jackson, and Kita Willams who Owens starred in the 3rd season of "The T.O Show".

Aside from that Owens also has a professional relationship with ex-president Donald Trump. With whom he got in touch through the popular NBC show "Celebrity Apprentice" in 2015.

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Who is Terrell Owens?

Terrell Owens is a former professional American football player known for his dynamic wide receiver skills and charismatic personality.

Which NFL teams did Terrell Owens play for?

Terrell Owens played for multiple NFL teams, including the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills, and Cincinnati Bengals.

Did Terrell Owens win any awards?

Yes, Terrell Owens received several awards, including being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2018.

What records does Terrell Owens hold?

Terrell Owens holds various NFL records, including career receiving yards and receiving touchdowns.

Has Terrell Owens acted in movies or TV shows?

Yes, Terrell Owens has appeared in movies and reality TV shows, including "The T.O. Show" and "Dancing with the Stars."

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