Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg

Former Mayor of New York City

Personal Stats

NameMichael Bloomberg
Net Worth$53 Billion

About Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg is best known as the founder and majority owner of Bloomberg L.P., a global financial services, software, and media company. Bloomberg served as the 108th Mayor of New York City from 2002 to 2013, during which time he implemented policies to improve public health, education, and infrastructure. He is also recognized for his extensive philanthropic efforts, particularly in public health, the environment, education, and the arts. Bloomberg has been a prominent advocate for gun control and climate change initiatives and ran for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States in the 2020 election.

Businesses Owned

  • Bloomberg L.P.
  • Bloomberg Terminal
  • Bloomberg News
  • Bloomberg Television
  • Bloomberg Radio
  • Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Bloomberg Markets
  • Bloomberg Government
  • Bloomberg Law

Early Life

Michael had his business acumen developed very early on; holding a science degree and then an MBA from Harvard tells so much about him.

  • He was born on February 14, 1942, in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • He was raised in Medford, Massachusetts. He grew up in a middle-class Jewish family.
  • Attended Johns Hopkins University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering in 1964.
  • He received an MBA from Harvard Business School in 1966.
  • He started his career at Salomon Brothers, a Wall Street investment bank, in 1966.
  • He worked in various roles, eventually becoming a general partner in 1973.
  • He left Salomon Brothers in 1981 after the firm was acquired, and he was let go with a substantial severance package.
  • He used his severance package to start Innovative Market Systems (later Bloomberg L.P.) in 1981.
  • Developed the Bloomberg Terminal, revolutionizing the way financial data is accessed and analyzed.


Michael’s father's bookkeeping has led him to have reading as an interest apart from his usual business.

  • His father is William Henry Bloomberg; he was a bookkeeper. 
  • His mother was Charlotte Rubens Bloomberg, who was a secretary.
  • He married Susan Brown in 1975; the couple divorced in 1993.
  • He has two children, Emma Bloomberg, born in 1979, and Georgina Bloomberg, born in 1983.
  • Primarily resides in New York City, with additional homes in Bermuda, London, and the Hamptons.
  • His family foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, supports causes in public health, education, the environment, and the arts.
  • Named the Bloomberg Center at the Harvard Business School in honor of his parents.
  • His daughter, Emma Bloomberg, previously worked at the Robin Hood Foundation, a non-profit focused on fighting poverty in New York City.
  • The other one, Georgina Bloomberg, is a professional equestrian and philanthropist, involved in various animal welfare causes.
  • Enjoys reading, technology, and staying actively involved in his business and philanthropic ventures.

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