Larry Page's Net Worth

By Simon Boseman

Published July 14, 2024

Larry Page's Net Worth

Larry Page is the co-founder of Google, and he transformed and revolutionized how the world accesses the internet through the creation of the Google search engine. Page’s vision and leadership also led to the formation of Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, along with an array of other tech ventures.


Additionally, Pages’s contribution has largely impacted the tech industry, particularly advancing the growth of AI. As a pioneer in his field, Page continues to shape the digital landscape, primarily by providing transformative leadership and innovative ideas.

Net Worth

$144.8 Billion

Yearly Income

$10 billion (est.)

Date of Birth

26th March, 1973

Place of Birth

Lasing, Michigan




5′ 11





No. of Houses


What is Larry Page’s Net worth?

 Larry Page's net worth currently stands at $144.8 billion, according to Forbes.

Larry Page, over the years, has accumulated a substantial amount of wealth by diversifying his portfolio of different business ventures, which currently puts him at No. 10 among the richest individuals in the world.


His main source of income happens to be Alphabet Inc., the company that he co-founded with Sergey Brin. The American multinational conglomerate reported an annual revenue of $282.8 billion in 2023, and Page remained one of the highest-earning individuals, as he currently owns around 6% of the company’s shares.


Beyond that, he has further bolstered his wealth by investing in companies like Kitty Hawk Corporation and Planetary Resources (market valuation $2.84 billion), and his investment firm GV has also played quite a significant role in increasing his sources of income while heavily investing in firms like Uber and Slack which have a valuation of $151.34 billion and $26.51 billion respectively.


Furthermore, Page’s real estate holdings are valued at a whopping $150 million and spread all across the U.S., additionally enhancing his financial portfolio. Lastly, his other ventures, including Sidewalk Labs and Calico, also quite significantly contribute to his annual income.

What is Larry Page’s claim to fame?

Larry Page has drawn inspiration from Star Wars and Star Trek, which he is also known to apply on many of Alphabet's projects.

Page’s journey toward fame and fortune began in 1998, when he and Sergey Brin founded Google in a Stanford dorm room, pioneering the way the entire world accessed the internet.


Slowly, his vision transformed Google from a mere search engine into a global tech giant, dominating the internet search market and many other internet-related services. This led him to gain massive appreciation from tech visionaries and business moguls around the world. 


In 2015, Page further established himself as a tech visionary by restructuring the entirety of Google into Alphabet Inc. to enable focused innovation in many other fields, like autonomous vehicles, longevity research, and many more. 

What ventures does Larry Page own or is a part of?

Larry Page has initiated the Google project when he was pursuing PhD.

Larry Page has been quite a pivotal figure in carving out and shaping the digital age. His list of business ventures expands much beyond the ubiquitous search engine, extending to a variety of businesses that push the boundaries and innovate across various industries. Below is a list of the ventures that he currently owns or is a part of.


  • Alphabet Inc. ($2.296 trillion): Alphabet Inc. is the parent company of Google and the other subsidiaries that were solely created to provide greater autonomy and is also a strategic move that helps by providing more focus to innovation and tech. 


  • Google: It is the cornerstone for Larry Page and his multi-billion dollar empire, which significantly influenced the information access and online marketing sectors, making him one of the wealthiest individuals in the world.


  • YouTube ($31.7 billion): YouTube was acquired by Google in 2006; since then, it has gone on to become the world’s largest and most popular video streaming platform. 


  • Waymo ($30 billion est.): Waymo is Google’s self-driving car project that is at the forefront of autonomous vehicle research, aiming to transform the basic means of transportation.


  • Kitty Hawk: Larry Page has also heavily invested in the electric eVTOL company Kitty Hawk. Which, notably, has also been backed by Boeing. It is making advancements toward revolutionizing the urban transportation sector by developing efficient and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional heliopters.

He has also acquired and backed numerous other ventures, which have played an important role in garnering more wealth. Some of the other ventures include Fitbit and Calico.

How does Larry Page spend his billions?


Larry is one of the richest individuals on the planet; however, his expenditure is more focused on real estate than cars or any other form of transport. Below is a detailed list of assets that he currently owns:


How many houses does Larry Page own?

Larry spends most of his wealth on real estate and currently owns a bunch of properties, that are spread across the entire United States and around the world, each with a worth in millions. Here are the houses owned by him:


  • Palo Alto Residence: Page owns a large house in the Old Palo Alto area in California, which he bought for $7.2 million in 2005. Surprisingly, this house is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

It's worth noting that, as a private individual, Larry Page's ownership of these properties may evolve, and might not even get publicly disclosed. Additionally, he could also possess properties that still remain undisclosed.

How many cars and other high-end vehicles does Larry Page own?

Unlike his high-end yet rather private real estate portfolio, Larry Page’s car collection favors practicality and enjoyment, favoring the vehicles for daily use. However, his rather small yet luxurious collection of private jets says something else.




  • Toyota Prius: The Toyota Prius is one of the cleanest cars in terms of emissions, which is also one of the reasons that Larry got his hands on this $26,000 Prius and joined the ranks of the celebrities who appreciate this eco-friendly car.


  • Tesla Roadster: The Tesla Roadster is an all-electric sports car based on the chassis of a Lotus Elise, and just because of its eco-friendliness, Larry purchased the car for around $250,000.


  • Tesla Model S: The $110,000 Model S is another of Larry’s Teslas, which clearly shows his love and appreciation for the electric cars that the company makes.


  • Mercedes-Benz C-Class: Larry Page also owns a 5th-generation Mercedes-Benz C-Class that comes with a price tag of $46,000. 

Private Jets


  • Boeing 767-200 Widebody: Larry Page and Sergey Brin bought a Boeing 767-200 Widebody for $15 million. They spent another $10 million to renovate it.


  • Gulfstream G650ER: Page reportedly co-owns a Gulfstream G650ER private jet, which is known for its long-range and luxurious amenities and comes with a price tag of $65 million.


  • Dornier Alpha Fighter Jet: The Dornier Alpha Fighter Jet is an unusual purchase even for tech moguls, who own quite a few private jets. However, it is not the same for Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who got their hands on this fighter jet more than a decade ago.




  • Senses: Page bought this 60-meter explorer yacht from a New Zealand-based businessman Sir Douglas Myers back in 2011. It is known that he splashed around $45 million to acquire this yacht.

What are Larry Page’s charitable contributions?

Larry has made a bunch of notable and inspiring charitable contributions throughout his career, primarily through the Carl Victor Memorial Foundation.


  • Carl Victor Memorial Foundation: The Carl Victor Memorial Foundation was established in 2004 and named after Larry Page’s late father. This foundation has quietly become one of the largest charitable organizations in the U.S. As of 2023, it held a reported $6.7 billion in assets. 


  • National Philanthropic Trust Grant: The Carl Victor Memorial Foundation distributed $218 million to various funds, among which $196 million went to the NPT donor-advised fund. 


  • New Venture Fund: Since 2015, the Carl Victor Memorial Foundation has donated $197,000 to the public charity New Venture Fund on an annual basis.


  • American Cancer Society and Shoo the Flu Program: Page’s foundation has consistently donated $1,000 on an annual basis to the American Cancer Society and has also long funded the Shoo the Flu program as a direct charitable activity to show the level of luxurious life that Larry Page lives.


Moreover, Page has also contributed to the University of California Vaccine Study and the Bay Area Flu Study through his foundation. These philanthropic actions demonstrate that Larry Page, besides innovation, genuinely believes in supporting different charitable causes.

What’s next for Larry Page? 


During a March 2023 interview with TED, Larry Page discussed his plans with Google for the future, which are set to benefit people globally. In this rare public appearance, the 40-year-old billionaire outlined his idealistic vision, which is currently driving Google, as most of the projects he talked about are already underway within the multi-billion-dollar company.

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What is the current net worth of Larry Page?

As of June 2024, Larry Page has a net worth of $144.8 billion

When did Larry Page form Alphabet Inc.?

Alphabet Inc. was formed by Larry Page, and other key players in Google to provide more focused innovations in specific fields.

What made Larry Page so successful?

Larry Page became so successful because of his three traits, that are his leadership, management, and philosophy.

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