Michael Dell

Michael Dell

CEO of Dell

Personal Stats

NameMichael Dell
Net Worth$105.2 Billion

About Michael Dell

Michael Dell, other than owning Dell Technologies, is known for his philanthropic efforts through the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, which focuses on improving education, healthcare, and family economic stability. Through Dell, Michael revolutionized the computer industry with his direct-to-consumer sales model, which allowed customers to customize their computers. This innovative approach helped Dell Inc. become a global powerhouse in the personal computer market. Under his leadership, Dell Technologies has expanded its portfolio to include a wide range of technology solutions, from hardware and software to cloud computing and cybersecurity. 

Businesses Owned

  • Dell Inc.
  • Dell EMC
  • VMware
  • Pivotal Software (now part of VMware)
  • SecureWorks
  • Boomi
  • RSA Security
  • Virtustream
  • AlienVault

Early Life

Dell showed an early interest in computers and hence he pursued it in very early stages of life.

  • Michael Saul Dell was born on February 23, 1965, in Houston, Texas, USA.
  • Showed an early interest in business and technology, buying his first calculator at age seven and investing in stocks at age 12.
  • Attended Memorial High School in Houston, where he exhibited entrepreneurial spirit by selling newspaper subscriptions for the Houston Post.
  • Started a small business in high school, selling upgrade kits for personal computers.
  • Enrolled at the University of Texas at Austin in 1983, initially planning to become a physician like his mother wished.
  • Began an informal business upgrading and selling personal computers from his dorm room, focusing on the potential of the emerging PC market.
  • Dropped out of college at the age of 19 to focus full-time on his growing business.
  • Founded Dell Computer Corporation (originally PC's Limited) in 1984 with $1,000 in startup capital, pioneering the direct-to-consumer sales model that became highly successful.


Michael always mentions how family support helps him while maintaining a very low-key family life away from the public eye.

  • Son of Lorraine Charlotte (née Langfan), a stockbroker, and Alexander Dell, an orthodontist.
  • Married to Susan Lieberman on October 28, 1989.
  • They have four children together - three daughters and one son: Juliette Dell, Alexa Dell, Kira Dell, and Zachary Dell.
  • The family primarily resides in Austin, Texas. They own multiple properties, including a large estate known as "The Castle."
  • Michael and Susan Dell are active philanthropists, founding the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation in 1999. The foundation focuses on education, health, and family economic stability.
  • The Dell family maintains a relatively private life, with limited public appearances and media coverage focused on their personal lives.
  • Michael Dell often mentions the importance of family support in his entrepreneurial journey and philanthropic endeavors.

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