Here is The Ever-Increasing Car Collection of Pedro Pascal

By Simon Boseman

Published April 29, 2024

Here is The Ever-Increasing Car Collection of Pedro Pascal

José Pedro Balmaceda Pascal is originally from Chile and he has established himself as one of the most promising actors in his origin country as well as in the US. Pedro Pascal was recently spotted at the Mandolorian premiere in LA. Pedro was also a part of Sarah Michelle's throwback picture from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Pedro Pascal's net worth is reported to be $10 million as of 2024. The actor is into cars and has some very cool ones sitting in his garage, let's uncover and have a look at Pedro Pascal's car collection.

6. Dodge Challenger SRT

Pedro Pascal's Dodge Challenger SRT

Pedro Pascal's Dodge Challenger SRT is a high-performance sports car that combines speed, power, and style. It is a favorite among car enthusiasts and only American car in his collection. Known for its raw supercharged power, the challenger is well known to keep the american muscle ethos alive.

Dodge Challenger SRTSpecs
Powertrain 6.2-liter supercharged V8
Horsepower717 hp
Torque650 lb.-ft
Transmissionsix-speed manual transmission
0-60 MPH3.6 seconds
Top Speed196 MPH

2022 Dodge Challenger SRT

The Challenger comes in several different trims, however we are not sure about the exact model he has. All SRT's came with a supercharged V8 HEMI engine and in the base trim it comes with a 717 horses sent to the rear wheels, which induces emotions that only few cars can do.

5. 1952 Porsche 356

Pedro Pascal's 1952 Porsche 356

Pedro Pascal owns a 1952 Porsche 356, one of the early models of the 356 series, which was the first production car model by the German marque. The 1952 Porsche 356 is widely regarded as an attractive vintage car that is highly sought after due to its enduring design and significant historical value as the vehicle that propelled Porsche's reputation as a leading producer of sports cars.

1952 Porsche 356Specs
Powertrain1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine
Horsepower60 hp
Torque75 lb.-ft
Transmissionfour-speed manual transmission
0-60 MPH14 seconds
Top Speed99 MPH

The 1952 Porsche 356 was powered by a 1.5-liter air-cooled, horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine that produced around 60 horsepower. This sounds not a lot by today's standards , however considering the car only weighed 1759 lbs it was zippy and handled like a dream.

4. Audi A6

Pedro Pascal Audi A6

Pedro Pascal already owns an Audi Q7. Surely, he loves Audi cars, and the is the latest addition to his garage. He was spotted driving his black Audi A6 sedan. However, the exact specification of the sedan cannot be confirmed. Certainly, a worthy addition to a star's garage while fans await the sequel to the "Gladiator."

Audi A6Specs
Powertrain3.0-liter turbocharged V6
Horsepower335 hp
Torque369 lb.-ft
Transmission7-speed dual-clutch automatic
0-60 MPH5.1 seconds
Top Speed155 MPH

Based on the wheels and front fascia we are expecting that the actor has gone for the Premium Plus trim with black optics package. The mid-size sedan offers a great blend of practicality and performance with a well-equipped cabin that keeps everyone inside comfortable.

3. 2021 Audi Q7

Pedro Pascal Audi Q7 SUV

The black Audi Q7 is one of Pedro's go-to cars, as he is often seen taking it for a spin. It has an impressive driving experience, and the performance is adequate. The top-class interior comes with spacious seating and a plethora of technologies and features. The safety system of the midsize SUV is incredible, while the fuel economy is adequate.

Audi Q7Specs
Powertrain3.0 L turbocharged V6
Horsepower335 hp
Torque369 lb.-ft
Transmission8-speed automatic
0-60 MPH5.7 seconds
Top Speed130 mph

The Audi Q7 came with two engine as the A6 mentioned previously, a 2.0 L inline-4 and 3.0 L V6 supported by a mild hybrid system. We are expecting that Pedro went for the latter one since he already has A6 with the same powertrain.

2. Mercedes-Benz SL Class

Pedro Pascal Mercedes Benz SL Class

The white Mercedes-Benz SL550 is the fastest car in Pedro’s possession. The long bonnet grand tourer provides a subtle yet composed riding dynamic that is loved by experts around the globe. Mr. Fantastic was seen enjoying his 6th generation German maniac on several occasions.

Mercedes-Benz SL ClassSpecs
Powertrain4.7L Twin-Turbo V8
Horsepower449 hp
Torque516 lb.-ft
Transmission9-speed Automatic
0-60 MPH4.5 seconds
Top Speed155 MPH

The Mercedes-Benz SL550 is equipped with a 4.7-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that is capable of generating 449 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. The 9-speed automatic transmission is commendable, and the convertible requires only 4.5 seconds to reach 60 mph from a standstill. The top speed of the SL550 is 155 mph.

1. Mercedes-Benz AMG G 63

Pedro Pascal G Wagon Mercedes Benz AMG G63

The Mercedes-Benz AMG G 63 is one of the most incredible off-road SUVs and is often hailed as the all-terrain king. The V8 is powerful and offers great performance, including excellent handling and ride quality.

Mercedes-Benz AMG G 63Specs
Powertrain4.0L Twin-Turbo V8
Horsepower577 hp
Torque627 lb.-ft
Transmission9-speed Automatic
0-60 MPH4.5 seconds
Top Speed152 MPH

The AMG G63 comes with a 4.0-liter V8 force fed by twin-turbochargers that make some intimidating growls. The quirky styling on the exterior claims a lot of road presence, and the interior design is pretty alluring. The midsize luxury SUV has great build quality along with commendable safety aspects.

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What car does Pedro Pascal drive?

Pedro Pascal does not own many cars. However, he was recently spotted driving his Audi A6. Pedro Pascal purchases mostly Mercedes-Benz and Audi cars, including sedans and SUVs.

Where does Pedro Pascal live now?

Pedro Pascal has been living in New York since 1993.

What did Pedro Pascal get paid for Mandalorian?

With no concrete reports, it is estimated that Pedro was paid $450,000–$500,000 for his role in Mandalorian.

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