Here is Damian Lillard's Updated 2023 Car Collection

By Simon Boseman

Published January 4, 2024

Here is Damian Lillard's Updated 2023 Car Collection

Damian Lillard is well-known for his contributions as the leading star for his former team, the Portland Trail Blazers. He has dominated the globe with his abilities and integrity. Damian's career has shown steady growth to date. He has a large fan base and is also known as 'Dame Time' by his fans. The thirty-year-old NBA player is also fond of creating music, where we can see him flaunting his cars. Seven-time All-NBA selection Damian Lillard joins Giannis Antetokounmpo at the Milwaukee Bucks this season in a three-team trade. Lillard requested the trade after his time with the Portland Trail Blazers. His 32.2 points per game is a notable statistic, the highest for a player switching teams the following season, according to ESPN Stats & Information research. Damian Lillard's net worth is estimated to be close to $115 million. Damian Lillard recently received a +2 stat boost in the NBA 2K23 ratings. Damian Lillard isn't keen on flaunting his lavish lifestyle despite earning a whopping $45.6 million per year. The NBA player has indeed been spotted in several high-end vehicles. As a result, here is a complete list of Damian Lillard's lavish and fashionable car collections. The Cadillac Escalade, Bentley Bentayga, and Bentley Continental GT are currently owned by Dame Time.

3. Cadillac Escalade

Damian Lillard Cadillac Escalade

The Cadillac Escalade is the first car among Damian Lillard's cars. The Cadillac Escalade has the class's lengthiest wheelbase. The emergence of a 10-speed automatic transmission is the most significant change in this car. As a result, the Cadillac Escalade offers more seamless shifts and helps the engine use a little less fuel too.

Cadillac EscaladeSpec
Powertrain6.2L VVT V8 engine
Horsepower420 hp
Torque460 ft-lbs
Transmission10-speed automatic
0-60 MPH6.3 seconds
Top Speed130 mph

The interior and exterior of this vehicle are both black. The Cadillac Escalade is powered by a naturally aspirated 6.2L VVT V8 engine with 420 HP and 460 lb-ft of torque. It could accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 6.3 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 130 mph.

2. Bentley Bentayga

Dame with his Bentley Bentayga

The NBA player's go-to vehicle is his Bentley Bentayga SUV. This SUV is regarded as one of the most costly SUVs ever built. The Bentayga has been able to openly display both distinctiveness and status, trying to make it the preeminent ultra-luxury SUV. This Bentayga ticks every box in this category, and he has used it in one of his music albums, "Big D.O.L.L.A.".

Bentley BentaygaSpec
Powertrain4.0L Twin-turbo W12
Torque568 lb-ft
Transmission8-speed automatic transmission
0-60 MPH3.5 seconds
Top Speed190 mph

Damian Lillard is frequently seen driving this vehicle. The Bentley Bentayga is powered by a revving 4.0-liter twin-turbo W12 engine that produces 600 horsepower and 568 pound-feet of torque. It could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds and top out at 190 mph.

1. Bentley Continental GT 

Damian Lillard Continental GT

Damian Lillard appears to be a Bentley fan, as the third vehicle in his acquisition is a deluxe Bentley Continental GT. The interior of this elegant vehicle has been customized to his taste. The rich wood grain coatings surround all infotainment, the center console, and associated components. The Bentley Continental GT is a true luxury beast that is ideal for NBA star Damian Lillard.

Bentley Continental GTSpec
Powertrain4.0L Twin-turbocharged V8
Horsepower626 hp
Torque664 lb.-ft.
Transmission8-speed auto-shift
0-60 MPH3.9 seconds
Top Speed208 mph.

The supercharged 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine in the Bentley Continental GT produces 626 HP and 644 lb-ft of torque. It could accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.9 seconds. It has an estimated top speed of 208 mph. 


What cars does Damian Lillard have?

Damian Lillard has multiple cars. However, he has been spotted multiple times in his Bentley Bentayga SUV. However, his car collection fades a bit when compared with Lebron James and Steph Curry's collections.

Does Damian Lillard have a car dealership?

Yes. Damian Lillard owns a Toyota dealership in McMinnville, expanding his empire wisely with appropriate investments.

Which NBA player has the best car collection?

According to some reports, LeBron James's car collection is considered to be one of the best among NBA players. However, with increasing net worths, the rankings of the best car collections among them are bound to change.

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