Jensen Huang's Net Worth

By Simon Boseman

Published July 23, 2024

Jensen Huang's Net Worth

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  • What is Jensen Huang’s Net worth?
  • What is Jensen Huang’s claim to fame?
  • What ventures does Jensen Huang own or is a part of?
  • How does Jensen Huang spend his billions?
  • What are Jensen Huang’s charitable contributions?
  • What’s next for Jensen Huang? 

Jensen Huang, along with Chris Priem, and Curtis Malachowsky co-founded the American multi-national GPU & high-performance graphics manufacturing company NVIDIA in 1993. His vision and technical expertise have driven the company to the absolute forefront of technological advancements. 


Under Huang’s leadership, NVIDIA has completely transformed itself from just a simple graphic card manufacturer to a company that is leading the AI race and manufactures high-performance gaming components, along with autonomous vehicles. His work ensures that NVIDIA remains a significant player in this ever-evolving tech landscape.

Net Worth$110.8 Billion
Yearly Income$23 million+ (est.)
Date of Birth17th February 1963
Place of BirthTainan City, Taiwan
Height5′ 7″
No. of Houses3+
No. of Cars3+

What is Jensen Huang’s Net worth?

Having a net worth of a staggering $110.8 billion makes Jensen Huang, the 20th richest person in the world primarily due to his over 3% ownership at NVIDIA, which stands at 93 million shares of the company which is valued at over $69.2 billion. In 2023, his compensation, including his stock awards, salary, and bonuses stood over 23 million.


Beyond NVIDIA, Huang has also made heavy investments in numerous other savvy ventures with a low amount of risk and maximum returns. However, he has not publicly disclosed the names of any of the companies he owns, which makes it difficult to determine the entire invested value and returns from the companies apart from NVIDIA.


Lastly, comes real estate where Huang has shown some massive interest over the years. Since the 1980s, he has spent over $55 million in buying numerous estates in California, and Hawaii.

What is Jensen Huang’s claim to fame?

Jensen Huang’s claim to fame is predominantly tied to the foundation of NVIDIA back in 1993, a company that revolutionized the GPU industry with ground-breaking advancements. 


The major breakthrough in Huang’s life came with the launch of GeForce 256 in 1999, which established the company as a leader in the graphics card market. Soon under his leadership, the company started to make strategic pivots towards data science and AI.


Another and the most recent breakthrough for the company and Huang came in with the introduction of the Tesla P100 Data Center Accelerator, which shot the company to the forefront of machine learning and AI. This shift led to a massive surge in NVIDIA’s stocks, cementing Jensen Huang’s status as a tech titan.

What ventures does Jensen Huang own or is a part of?

Jensen Huang is a dynamic and strategic entrepreneur whose interest in business ventures extends far beyond the $3 trillion company and his crown jewel NVIDIA, and the graphics card manufacturing industry. His list of acquisitions is vast, however, he has not revealed a single detail about his business portfolio apart from the company that he co-founded.


Currently, he owns over 3% shares of NVIDIA, which is valued at over $69.2 billion, however recently he has sold over 750,000 shares of the company worth a hefty $94.6 million which further fuels his net worth. 

How does Jensen Huang spend his billions?


Jensen Huang is mostly known for directing his billions into tech ventures, however, he is also known to spend a significant chunk of his wealth on prime real estate, and various modes of transportation striking a complete balance between strategic and luxury investments.


How many properties does Jensen Huang own?

He is known to spend over $55 million on various properties that are spread across the entire United States mainland, especially California, and Hawaii. Here are some of the houses that he owns:


  • Los Altos Estate: The Los Altos Estate is located 15 miles west of NVIDIA’s headquarters. He bought this abode for $6.9 million in 2003.


  • San Francisco Mansion: This is a luxurious $38 million mansion that Huang bought back in 2017, it lies in San Franciso, California, and offers a gorgeous view of the Golden Gate Bridge.


  • Hawaii Oceanfront Estate: Huang bought this mansion in 2004 for $7.5 million, which is situated on the island of Maui spans over 8,000 square feet of area, and boasts a plethora of luxurious amenities.


It's worth noting that, he is known to own a bunch of other properties, however, Huang being a private individual has not shared any other details about them.

How many cars and other high-end vehicles does Jensen Huang own?

Just like his real estate portfolio, Huang’s collection of cars and other transportation seems to be quite extravagant. It consists of a couple of luxurious cars that portray his tastes and preferences. Down below, are some of the most extravagant ones.


  • Ferrari 430: Huang is a Ferrari fan, and it is quite evident through his choice of cars. The first one is a red Ferrari 430 which comes with a price tag of $211,525.


  • Tesla Model X: Jensen Huang owns a Tesla Model X and has even posted an image of it on X, with the caption “Love My New Rocket”


  • Ferrari 599: Another Ferrari that Huang owns is the 599, which comes for around $351,000.


  • Koenigsegg CCX: The CCX is arguably one of the priciest cars in Jensen Huang’s car collection, it comes with a price tag of $1.3 million and offers a blend of top-notch performance and luxurious amenities.

What are Jensen Huang’s charitable contributions?

Huang is surely a big spender and one of the faces of the tech industry, but he is also a generous philanthropist who is very much willing to support causes that push forward to make the world better.


  • NVIDIA Foundation: Jensen Huang actively supports the NVIDIA Foundation which collaborates with many other charities and foundations to make an impact on global healthcare, community development, and education.


  • University Donations: Huang has also heavily supported universities like Oregon State University and Stanford University by donating $50 million and $30 million respectively.


  • Make-a-wish International: He has extended his charitable contributions further by participating in a charity auction, where he signed an Asus ROG Matrix GeForce RTX 4090, which was the winning prize.


  • Jensen and Lori Huang Foundation: This foundation actively supports higher education, public education, and STEM initiatives across the U.S., and particularly on the west coast.


His commitment to philanthropy extends much further, as he keeps pushing the advancements of AI for climate research, disaster response, healthcare, and more. Where he engages in various initiatives that moving forward leave a positive impact

What’s next for Jensen Huang? 


Jensen Huang has been quite a busy man for quite some time now, and this will continue to be so as NVIDIA keeps pushing for the launch of the next-generation AI chips codenamed “Rubin” by 2026.


He in recent times, has also talked about Generative AI, which he believes is going to reshape the industries, and also open new opportunities to grow and innovate. So his company. is currently heavily invested in it to become the forerunner of this industry.

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What is the net worth of Jensen Huang in 2024?

The net worth of Jensen Huang as of June 2024 is around $110.8 billion.

When did Jensen Huang co-found Nvidia?

Jensen Huang along with Chris Priem, and Curtis Malachowsky co-founded Nidia in 1993.

What percentage of shares does Jensen Huang owns at NVIDIA?

Jensen Huang currently owns a bit more than 3% of the stake at NVIDIA which stands at 93 million shares.

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