Zac Efron's Car Collection Is Small But Classy

By Simon Boseman

Published June 23, 2024

Zac Efron's Car Collection Is Small But Classy

Zac Efron was known as the high school sweetheart at the beginning of his career but gone are those days. The High School Musical star has established himself as the hunky dude who dares to stand up against the likes of Dwanye Johnsson and John Cena (we mean onscreen only). So why would Zac Efron’s cars be anything but muscular and stylish, right? 

That's not the whole story though. Zac's garage is as versatile as his acting roles and each entry is as eccentric as himself.

Ford Mustang Convertible

The Ford Mustang Convertible is the perfect reflection of his persona and the 1965 muscle car is handed down by his grandfather to his father and then to him. The actor remodeled the originally $2.5k-worth classic muscle in a sexy charcoal wrap with black accents. 

Zac reportedly spent around $40,000 and 2 years to have the beast modified. And boy the sight of him arriving in it for a 2017 Vogue interview would sweep any girl off her feet. 

“After 2 years of remodeling, my grandpa's 1965 Mustang is finally ready. It's a beast. Shout out to Grandpa Efron.” Jac Efron’s January 2016 FB post read.

Zac’s own Trinity from the Four Rings

Zac Efron owns not one or two but three different Audi cars and that too in three different body styles. 

Audi S5 Cabriolet

Let’s start with the droptop version. The Audi S5 Cabriolet is from the time when Zachary was still dating Venessa Hudgens. The two were often seen going out for a drive in the convertible from the German manufacturer. 

However, there is some mix-up as some sources claim it to be the Audi S4. That is another convertible owned by Zac’s ex-girlfriend and both the cars being black, the confusion is understandable. 

Audi S5 Coupe

The Audi S5 coupe has been in Zac Efron’s possession probably from the same time as the droptop version. Just like his other cars, the coupe also comes in gloss black. We have seen the Baywatch star showing off in his Audi quite a few times and he has often stepped out to greet his fans. 

Zac Efron also had a small misfortune with the S5. While attending a business meeting in California, he accidentally parked it on a handicapped spot. Surely enough, Zac found a parking ticket attached to the wipers when he was about to leave. 

Audi S6

Next in line from Zac Efron’s garage is a sedan. It is another black Audi and it’s the S6 model. The Lamborghini-sourced 5.2L V10 is probably the most favorite from his list. 

The S6 supersedan has power, style, and the right amount of luxury which is why we have spotted him with this car the most number of times. 

Does Zac Efron have an Audi R8?

Many sources claim that Zac also has an Audi R8. Everyone remembers one of his coolest entry scenes from Mathew Perry starrer 17 Again. Before shooting that scene, Zac took some training in the same car. 

He sat through a one-hour-long theory class and then took a black R8 to test his knowledge. He was seen driving the sports car at 100 mph on the Infineon Raceway in Sonoma California. 

Mercedes-Benz V-Class

Zac Efron’s car collection isn’t just about show-off as he owns he bought an all-purpose commercial in 2017. The Mercedes-Benz V-Class is his choice for having a lot of fun with his friends. 

Zac posed in front of the V-Class for his Instagram handle and asked his followers to name it. The way he announced it as his official family member and connected with the social media users shows why he is loved by his fans. 

Tesla Model S

The only electric vehicle in Efron’s possession Tesla Model S. The 1st generation liftback in black is the first choice of the actor from The Greatest Showman when he is trying to avoid the prying eyes. 

We wonder why he doesn’t take the all-electric for a spin more often. Oh wait, back in 2019, Zac was seen stepping out of his car and waiting for a tow truck when his Tesla suffered a breakdown in Beverly Hills. Maybe, that’s why?

Special Mentions

Hey wait, we are not done yet. There are still a couple of honorable mentions for Zac Efron’s cars. 

Oldsmobile Alero

The Oldsmobile Alero was Zac’s first car. The Ricky Stanicky star’s popularity goes beyond his acting career. Zac Efron and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, along with Prizeo teamed up to create a raffle where Zac’s sedan was the prize. 

The prize ultimately went to one Amanda Lopez back in 2016 and the real-life hero even left a sweet note for the winner on the dashboard of his Oldsmobile. 

Lotus Hollywood

While other celebrities settle for a Maybach or a Rolls-Royce to be chauffeured in to sets, Zac owns a drop-dead luxury caravan. Though it has four wheels, we admit that the Lotus Hollywood is not a car. 

Zac uses the caravan as if his home while he is on a location for shoots. Judging by the interior of the Hollywood caravan, including a king-size bed, TVs, a complete kitchen, and a bathroom, gives the other “luxury cars” a tough competition. 

The best part? It was a gift from the manufacturer to our beloved actor. 

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