Mr. Bean Actor Rowan Atkinson's Car Collection Is Worth Over 15 Million Dollars

By Simon Boseman

Published June 23, 2024

Mr. Bean Actor Rowan Atkinson's Car Collection Is Worth Over 15 Million Dollars

Rowan Atkinson has captivated us with his uncontested and immersive acting skills for generations especially his work as Mr. Bean and Johnny English. As he grabbed ultimate stardom over the years, his taste in vehicles has also gotten exclusive and his cars are one-of-a-kind, just like him.

Atkinson collected his cars over the years, selling a few at auction and keeping the rest. Rowan Atkinson's car collection is one of a kind and features different models from mainly from Britain and Germany. Let's take a deep dive into Atkinson's aka Mr Bean's Car Collection.

10. 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint

Rowan Atkinson Ford Falcon

Starting Mr. Bean's car collection with the 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint model. The Sprint model was a racecar that he purchased in 2006 and sold at an auction in 2021.

The car went for around $77,000, or £56,250, through Silverstone Auctions. Atkinson extensively used the car on the track and also had a head-on collision in the same car at the Goodwood Revival’s Shelby Cup race that took place in 2014.

1964 Ford Falcon SprintSpecs
Price$77,000 (sold at auction)
Engine4.7L V8
Horsepower164 hp
Transmission4-speed manual
Exterior ColorTurquoise

Despite being a head-on crash at Revival's Shelby Cup race, the damage to the car was minor. The Sprint model featured a 4.7L V8 engine instead of the regular 2.4L I-6 engine in the standard Falcon. It is said that the Sprint car also served as the base for the Ford Mustang that came out in 1964.

9. 1993 Mercedes-Benz 500E

Rowan Atkinson Mercedes-Benz 500E

The 1993 Mercedes-Benz 500E W124.036 model was auctioned by the actor sometime in 2018, along with the 1989 Lania Thema 8.32 car. The auction was a no-reserve auction, and there was no information available on how much the car sold for. However, the 1993 500E was available in the U.S. at an MSRP of $81,800. The most this 1993 car has fetched at an auction is $100,800.

1993 Mercedes-Benz 500ESpecs
Price$81,800 (sale price in the U.S.)
Engine5.0L V8
Horsepower322 hp
Torque354 lb-ft
Transmission4-speed automatic
Exterior ColorSilver

The 500E was Atkinson’s third Mercedes after the W100 600 model and the W116 6.9 model. Atkinson’s car was a left-hand drive model that was imported from Japan.

When it went for the auction, the car had an odometer reading of close to 50,000 miles. Mercedes claimed the car accelerated from 0-62 mph in 6.1 seconds and had a top speed of 155 mph. The 500E was built as a rival to the BMW M5

8. 2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT

Mr Bean Mercedes

The 2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT owned by Rowan was the coupe version that was priced at an MSRP of $202,000. Finished in red, this car is still a part of the actor’s collection.

Being a low-slung gullwing door car, it seemed hard for the tall man to enter and exit the car. Rowan was snapped cruising in the right-hand-drive car in London in late 2014.

2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMGSpecs
Engine6.3L V8
Horsepower583 hp
Torque479 lb-ft
Transmission7-speed Dual-Clutch transmission
Exterior ColorRed

The 2014 SLS AMG GT sprinted from 0-60 in 3.4 seconds and had a top speed of 197 mph. Furthermore, the gearbox also worked magic as it shifted lightning quickly with the manual mode also available for an engaging driving experience. The car also came with a host of lightweight components options which further improved the performance of the car.

7. 2002 Honda NSX

​ Rowan Atkinson NSX


A unique example in the list, which includes the cars of Mr. Bean, is the 2002 Honda NSX. This car is still a part of his collection, but excellent-condition models can fetch a high auction value of $205,000. Atkinson’s car is finished in a blue shade on the outside.

2002 Acura NSXSpecs
Price$205,000 (auction value)
Engine3.2L V6
Horsepower290 hp
Torque224 lb-ft
Transmission6-speed manual
Exterior ColorBlue

According to sources, the “NSX” in the name stands for New Sportscar eXperimental. Honda sold the NSX for around 15 years, wherein globally close to 18,000 units were sold.

The car came with a V6 engine with Honda VTEC which made it redlined at 8,300 rpm. The NSX that is a part of Rowan’s garage is a facelifted model that features fixed headlights and stiffer spring rates.

6. 1977 Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Rowan Atkinson V8 Vantage

Rowan Atkinson has had a couple of Aston Martin cars in his collection, the 1977 V8 Vantage being the first one. This car became a part of his collection sometime in March 1984, and he was the third owner.

The 1977 Vantage is currently up for auction with an estimated price range from $180,000 to $220,000. The car was originally a left-hand drive model, that was converted to a right-hand drive vehicle sometime after he bought it.

1977 Aston Martin V8 VantageSpecs
Price$180,000-$220,000 (up for sale)
Engine5.3L V8
Horsepower390 hp
Torque406 lb-ft
Transmission5-speed manual
Exterior ColorImperial Burgundy

The V8 Vantage was a quick car with a 0-60 time of 5.2 seconds and a top speed of 175 mph. This specific car, along with the Burgundy color also gets magnolia trim.

The engine number is not known, but the chassis number originally was 12319. After being converted into a right-hand-drive model, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) changed the chassis number as well.

5. 2014 Bentley Mulsanne Birkin Edition

Rowan Atkinson Bentley

The Bentley Mulsanne Birkin Edition is one of the most exotic and rare cars in Atkinson’s collection. It is not known when he acquired the car, or how much he paid for it.

However, a regular Mulsanne costs around $300,000, and a completely customized car can cost around $375,000. Also, the Mulliner Mulsanne model, limited to 5 units was priced at $500,000, so it’s fair to say that the Birkin Edition would have had an MSRP of around $450,000.

2014 Bentley Mulsanne Birkin EditionSpecs
Price$450,000 (estimated price)
EngineTwin-turbocharged 6.75L V8
Horsepower505 hp
Torque752 lb-ft
Transmission8-speed automatic
Exterior ColorWhite

The Birkin Edition was exclusive to the European market, and only 22 models were made. Bentley offered this car in only three colors: Ghost White, the monochromatic Damson color, and the two-tone Dark Sapphire and Fountain Blue shade.

This model is named after Sir Henry Ralph Stanley “Tim” Birkin, the Third Baronet. He was a famous racer from the United Kingdom and raced for Bentley.

4. 2011 Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead

Rowan Atkinson Phantom Drophead

Another rare luxury vehicle in Rowan Atkinson's car collection is the 2011 Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead. The actor reportedly paid $500,000 for this particular model, and his car is finished in the North Shore Blue color.

Now there are many car buyers who have a Phantom Drophead, but none of them feature a 9.0L V16 engine, and that is what makes it extremely rare. The standard Phantom Drophead, on the other hand, used a 6.75-liter V12 engine.

2011 Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead CoupeSpecs
Engine9.0L V16
Exterior ColorNorth Shore Blue

Rolls-Royce did not divulge any details about the car’s power and torque figures or the transmission unit that was coupled to the V16 engine. The V16 engine was used on the early prototypes of the Phantom, but Rolls-Royce dropped the idea later on. Might be because of the fuel economy issues that can pop up with the V16.

3. 1939 BMW 328 Roadster

Rowan Atkinson BMW

The 1939 BMW 328 Roadster car owned by Atkinson is no standard model; it's the same car that won the Mille Miglia race. The car is wrapped in a silver exterior finish, and the actor was spotted in the car at the 2011 1000 Miglia race that took place on May 13.

This car is still a part of Rowan Atkinson's auto collection, but there is no information on how much he paid for it. However, for a better understanding, even a standard 328 roadster fetches as much as $621,000 at auctions.

1939 BMW 328 RoadsterSpecs
Engine1.9L Inline-6
Horsepower79 hp
Transmission4-speed manual
Exterior ColorRace Color

The Roadster model was in production from 1936 to 1940, and BMW made a total of 646 units. The car featured an aluminum body with a steel ladder frame and just weighed in at 1,830 lbs.

This gave the car a top speed of 93 mph back then. The 328 model was quite closely related to the 326 and the 319/1 BMW cars, as it borrowed a lot of its mechanical sub-assemblies from them. Fun fact: the 326 was the first four-door sedan from BMW.

2. 1986 Aston Martin V8 Zagato

Rowan Atkinson Aston Martin

This Rowan Atkinson sports car has quite a story behind it. Atkinson purchased this car for a reported price of $670,000 and then immediately got performance modifications done on it from Aston Martin Works Service.

The modifications rebuilt the car as an AMOC C2 Class category race car, which cost around $300,000, thus giving the car a total price close to a million dollars. However, Rowan sold it for $162,323, a huge loss considering the investment.

1986 Aston Martin V8 ZagatoSpecs
Price$670,000 (reported buying price)
Engine5.3L V8
Horsepower482 hp
Torque412 lb-ft
Exterior ColorGladiator Red

Rowan Atkinson raced the car a couple of times and also crashed it once. After he sold it, the car was retired from competition. The car has a chassis number of 20013 and comes with tan leather on the inside.

This was the only Zagato that Aston Martin Works ever modified. Later on, in 2016, Nicholas Mee and Co modified the car to make it less track-spec and more road-spec, and then it was sold for £253,500, or $335,000.

1. 1997 McLaren F1

Rowan Atkinson McLaren F1

The 1997 McLaren F1 sports car tops our list of the most expensive cars in Rowan Atkinson’s collection. The car recently sold for a sky-high price of $12.2 million at an auction.

Rowan Atkinson’s car comes finished in a Dark Burgundy exterior color, and back then the actor purchased the brand-new one for around a million dollars (USD). During his ownership, he drove the car for over 41,000 miles.

1997 McLaren F1Specs
Price$12.2 million (auction value)
Engine6.1L V12
Horsepower618 hp
Torque479 lb-ft
Transmission6-speed manual
Exterior ColorDark Burgundy

The F1 sports car was limited to 106 cars, and the actor’s car reads out chassis number 061. This was the 49th car that Rowan acquired in March of 1997. The car’s license plate reads P380 GJM.

The actor crashed the car two times: a minor accident in 1999 and a serious one in 2011. The 2011 crash cost close to 1.4 million USD in total, during which the engine separated from the chassis. During the accident, Atkinson also broke his shoulder blade.

Special Mention: 1993 Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo II

Mr. Bean's Lancia Integrale

The rare and striking Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo II in Mr Bean's car collection was put up for auction recently. He bought the Lancia in May 2021 with 54,059 miles and is selling it back after just 1,864 miles.

The main attraction of this car is its deep blue color and left-hand steering. The rare Italian car was powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine making 212 hp. The same car will be auctioned by Silverstone Auctions on February 25, 2023. The expected selling price will be in the $80,723-$93,085 range.

1989 Lancia Thema 8.32 Series 1

Mr. Bean Lancia Thema

Regarded as one of the best sleeper cars of all time, the 1989 Lancia Thema 8.32 in Atkinson's car collection is also one of the most rare cars in the UK right now. There are only 20 officially registered Thema cars in the UK making Atkinson's Thema a special one.

While the interior was fitted with velvet-type materials, inside the hood, it rocked a V8 engine from a Ferrari 328 making it a standout from other Thema. Unfortunately, Mr. Bean sold the car back in February 2018.

2015 Land Rover Defender 90 Heritage

Mr. Bean Range Rover Defender 90 Heritage

Not only unique speedsters but Atkinson's taste in rugged and classic off-roader vehicles also has been a pleasure to observe. Our beloved Mr. Bean owned a limited-edition Range Rover 90 Heritage model that came out back in 2015. The car boasted a "HUE166" badge paying tribute to the Defender's first number plate.

Atkinson also became one of 400 people who bought the Defender but just like his Thema, Mr. Bean sold his Heritage Defender earlier this year through Iconic Auctioneers for a price of $107,000.

Jaguar MK7

Rowan Atkinson Jaguar MK7

Being an English-born actor and not having one of Britain's staple brand cars would be disappointing. Well, Mr.Bean certainly didn't disappoint in terms of that as he owns a Jaguar MK7 featuring a 160-hp 3.4L Inline-6 engine. Blessed with a racer pedigree, Atkinson won his place on the podium the first back in 2022 in the Sopwith Cup at Goodwood.

Guess what, the car that won him that place was the Jaguar MK7. Despite having a fire incident circulating the car which happened back in 2009, Atkinson praised the MK7's reliability points in the post-race interview.

This is it for what Rowan Atkinson's car collection has to offer. If you are interested in other celebrity car collections, be sure to check out the link below.

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How much is Rowan Atkinson's car collection worth?

Rowan Atkinson keeps changing his cars. So, it's difficult to judge his actual car collection's worth. However, as per the list of cars mentioned above, Rowan Atkinson's car collection's worth is close to $15.2 million. As per some reports, his prized possession and the fastest car of its time, the McLaren F1, was sold for a whopping $12.2 million.

What cars does Rowan Atkinson own?

Rowan Atkinson has always been an auto geek, and with his racing interests, he has owned several different cars, like a Jaguar MK7, a Land Rover Defender Heritage, and several other expensive cars. Rowan Atkinson's successful career as an actor puts him in the league of many other actors who own super-expensive cars. Some other actors, like, and, also have multi-million dollar car collections.

Where is Mr Bean's car now?

The iconic MINI that Mr. Bean, a.k.a. Rowan Atkinson, used to drive in the series has found a spot in the BMW Classic Museum. The striking yellow paint and black hood reside in the memories of his fans even today. Even the padlock has been retained on the door.

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