Here’s a look into Kim Namjoon's Car Collection

By Simon Boseman

Published January 4, 2024

Here’s a look into Kim Namjoon's Car Collection

Kim Namjoon, professionally known as RM or Rap Monster, is a South Korean rapper, singer, and songwriter. He was born on September 12, 1994, in Seoul, South Korea. While Kim was a student, he had a flair for writing poems and was awarded often for his writing as well. He took a keen interest in rap music after being introduced to Eminem’s music and started songwriting around the same time as well. Later, after a training period of three years, Kim finally joined and led the boy band BTS which went on to become a global success. With a current estimated net worth of $10 million, Kim has a scarce car collection with a single car in his garage officially. He also doesn’t have a driver’s license yet hence the lack of cars we guess. Despite that, he has a swanky Audi RS4 wagon that might look like a wagon but behaves and moves like a sports car.

1. Audi RS4

With the days of high-performance wagons being numbered, a few automakers still have the guts to produce and sell them, and Audi is one of them. The RS4 might look like a station wagon, but it’s essentially an elongated sports car underneath. With an aggressive front-end design and sharp styling cues all over the exterior, the RS4 announces its arrival wherever it goes.

Audi RS4

Moreover, the car hides in excess of 400 horses under its hood and also offers a ton of practicality over a regular sedan or a high-performance sports car as well. Kim has a red-colored RS4 in his garage which has expectedly cost him around 150,900 US dollars at the time of purchase in his hometown.

Audi RS4Specs
Powertrain4.2-liter V8
Horsepower444 hp
Torque317 lbf⋅ft
Transmission7-speed dual-clutch S-Tronic transmission
0-60 MPH4.7 seconds
Top Speed174 mph

The Audi RS4 is powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.2-liter V8 which is attached to a 7-speed DCT unit as standard. The motor puts out an impressive 444 hp and 317 lb-ft of torque. As a result, it accelerates to 60 mph from a standstill within 4.7 seconds and achieves a top speed of 174 mph.

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