Check Out The Latest Car Collection of David Harbour

By Simon Boseman

Published July 22, 2024

Check Out The Latest Car Collection of David Harbour

Table of Contents

  • Dodge Challenger 
  • Audi A5
  • Land Rover Range Rover SVR

David Kenneth Harbour is an American actor who has been working in the industry since 1999. He has been a regular in several top-listed movies, popular TV shows, and even theaters. Today he is most famous for his portrayal of “Jim Hopper” in “Stranger Things” but he has several other projects under his name. David is a versatile actor who can bring his own charm to the character and make even a side role seem interesting and pivotal to the plot. His experience on broadway has helped him a lot in his TV Series and Movie roles and today he is one of the most reliable actors in Hollywood. David has won the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Critics' Choice Television Awards as well as was nominated for at least eight other awards for his performance. Besides working as a full-time actor, Harbour is also passionate about automobiles. Although the list of his cars is not as gorgeous as some of the industry leaders, his possessions are indeed exciting. 


3. Dodge Challenger 

The incredible design of the Dodge Challenger is what makes it so popular in the market and it is no wonder any owner would display it extensively. The engaging driving dynamics of the midsize muscle coupe are one of the best among the competition.

dodge challenger

The potent V6 offers adequate performance and it has good handling as well. The interior is comfortable and comes with a pretty intuitive infotainment system. The pricing is affordable and the adequate fuel efficiency along with great reliability make it all the more desirable.

Dodge Challenger Specs
Powertrain3.6L, V6
Horsepower303 hp
Torque268 lb.-ft
Transmission8-speed Automatic
0-60 MPH6.3 seconds
Top Speed135 MPH

The Dodge has a massive 3.6L V6 engine coupled with an automatic transmission. The power output is 303 hp and the torque generated is 268 lb.-ft. The top speed has an adequate figure of 135 MPH and the 0-60 figure is about 6.3 seconds.

2. Audi A5

The Audi A5 is famous for its amazing driving characteristics and the riding dynamics are really enjoyable. The turbocharger offers adequate power for the engine to deliver impressive performance. The interior is quite comfortable and the compact coupe comes with a lot of standard features.

Audi A5

The cargo space is commendable and the overall design is pretty attractive. The A5 also offers an acceptable fuel economy and the affordable pricing makes it an easy choice in the competitive market.

Audi A5Specs
Powertrain2.0L Turbo, I-4
Horsepower261 hp
Torque273 lb.-ft
Transmission7-speed Auto-Shift Manual
0-60 MPH6.0 seconds
Top Speed130 MPH

The Audi has a 2.0L inline-4 engine powered by a turbocharger. It delivers 261 hp of power and 273 lb.-ft of maximum torque. The auto-shift manual is pretty quick and the coupe only needs 6 seconds to reach a speed of 60 MPH from a stop. The A5 has a top speed of 130 MPH.

1. Land Rover Range Rover SVR

Harbour has an SUV that he uses most often and the Land Rover Range Rover SVR is a 4-wheel drive that offers great all-terrain performance. The SVR comes with plush interior features and the creature comfort is impressive. The handling is precise and the riding experience is enjoyable.

Land Rover Range Rover SVR

The exterior outlook is quite attractive and the Range Rover has good fuel economy as well. The only area of concern for the midsize SUV is that it has an underwhelming cargo capacity.

Land Rover Range Rover SVRSpecs
Powertrain5.0L Supercharged, V8
Horsepower575 hp
Torque516 lb.-ft
Transmission8-speed Automatic
0-60 MPH4.3 seconds
Top Speed176 MPH

The Land Rover comes with a 5.0L supercharged V8 engine delivering 575 hp of power and the maximum torque is 516 lb.-ft. The automatic gearbox is pretty swift enabling the SUV to accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in 4.3 seconds. The top speed of 176 MPH is pretty impressive.

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