Bernard Arnault

Bernard Arnault

Chairman and CEO of LVMH

Personal Stats

NameBernard Arnault
Net Worth$235 Billion

About Bernard Arnault

Bernard Arnault is a renowned French businessman and the chairman and CEO of LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton), the world's largest luxury goods conglomerate. Under his leadership, LVMH has grown to encompass a wide range of prestigious brands, including Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, and Moët & Chandon. Arnault is recognized for his strategic vision and long-term focus on sustainable growth within the luxury sector.

Businesses Owned

  • Louis Vuitton
  • Christian Dior
  • Moët & Chandon
  • Hennessy
  • Fendi
  • Givenchy
  • Celine
  • Bulgari
  • Tag Heuer
  • Sephora
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Kenzo
  • Loro Piana
  • Loewe
  • Rimowa

Early Life

Bernard's upbringing gave him the perfect recipe for him and his company to become the biggest fashion conglomerate in the world.

  • Bernard Arnault was born on March 5, 1949, in Roubaix, France. 
  • He grew up in an entrepreneurial family; his father, Jean Léon Arnault, was a manufacturer and the owner of a civil engineering company, 
  • After completing his education, Arnault joined his father's company and convinced him to shift the focus from construction to real estate, leading to significant growth and success. 
  • In 1984, Arnault acquired the bankrupt textile company Boussac Saint-Frères, which owned Christian Dior, marking the beginning of his journey into the luxury goods industry. 
  • This strategic move laid the foundation for the creation and expansion of LVMH, the world's largest luxury goods conglomerate.


Most of Bernard's is involved with LVMH in one way or another.

  • Bernard Arnault is married to Hélène Mercier, a Canadian pianist. 
  • They have three children together: Alexandre, Frédéric, and Jean Arnault. 
  • Several of his children hold prominent positions within LVMH and its subsidiaries.
  • Delphine Arnault: Executive Vice President of Louis Vuitton and a member of the LVMH board of directors.
  • Antoine Arnault: CEO of Berluti and chairman of Loro Piana.
  • Alexandre Arnault: Executive Vice President of Tiffany & Co.
  • Frédéric Arnault: CEO of TAG Heuer.
  • Jean Arnault: Director of Marketing and Development for Louis Vuitton's watch division.

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