Take A Look At The Luxurious Car Collection Of Paul Levesque aka Triple H

By Simon Boseman

Published January 4, 2024

Take A Look At The Luxurious Car Collection Of Paul Levesque aka Triple H

Paul Levesque is one of the most popular professional wrestlers. He started his journey in 1992 and, through different wrestling organizations, became a household name for youngsters and wrestling fans all over the world. He has used different aliases throughout his career, but the name that has stuck to the end is Hunter Hearst Helmsley, or, in short, Triple H. With a net worth of over 150 million USD, he is one of the executives and the chief content officer of World Wrestling Entertainment. But that is not everything, as the former wrestler is associated with multiple charitable organizations. However, there are several other interesting facts about the WWE legend, like how he lives an expensive lifestyle. He has an impressive private jet and shares a lot of custom-made motorcycles with his wife. But what we are most hyped about is that he has some amazing cars in his garage, and his enthusiasm for automobiles influenced him to own several supercars and incredibly luxurious vehicles like the Lamborghini Huracan, Cadillac Escalade, and Rolls-Royce Phantom. So without further ado, here is a look at Triple H's car collection. 

5. Cadillac Escalade

The black Escalade is Paul’s go-to vehicle as he uses it for his daily commute. There are other high-end cars in his possession but the spacious and stylish Cadillac is his absolute favorite.


The powerful V8 offers great performance and the automatic transmission is swift enough. The bulky structure and the exclusive interior match the WWE legend’s persona and add flare to his lifestyle. The $76,600 SUV is the only sport utility in his collection.

Cadillac EscaladeSpecs
Powertrain6.2L Naturally Aspirated, V8
Horsepower420 hp
Torque460 lb.-ft
Transmission10-speed Automatic
0-60 MPH4.3 seconds
Top Speed125 MPH

The Cadillac Escalade has a 6.2L naturally aspirated V8 engine that produces 420 hp of horsepower. The maximum torque of the full-size luxury SUV is 460 lb.-ft and the 10-speed automatic transmission offer swift shifting in the gearbox. It takes only 4.3 seconds for the vehicle to reach 60 MPH from a stop and it has a top speed of 125 MPH.

4. Mercedes-Benz SL550

The Mercedes-Benz SL550 owned by Triple H is the 6th generation SL Class from the brand. The white Mercedes he has comes with a facelift and the convertible actually falls in the roadster category.

The V8 offers incredible power and prioritizes driving excitement along with passenger comfort. However, we have seldom seen the celebrity taking it for a ride but maybe because he uses it for his escape from a chaotic professional schedule.

Mercedes-Benz SL550Specs
Powertrain4.7L Twin-Turbo, V8
Horsepower449 hp
Torque516 lb.-ft
Transmission9-speed Automatic
0-60 MPH4.3 seconds
Top Speed155 MPH

The $112,300 SL550 comes with a 4.7L twin-turbocharged V8 engine and 9-speed automatic transmission. Its luxurious interior and spirited ride quality are blended with a superb power output of 449 hp. The subcompact luxury convertible has a maximum torque of 516 lb.-ft and a top speed of 155 MPH. The 0 to 60 acceleration has a figure of only 4.3 seconds for the vehicle. 

3. BMW 760 LI M Sports

The BMW 7 Series is one of Paul Levesque’s prized possessions that he had for $160,000. The 2010 760LI M Sport originally had a much lower price tag which means he has had some modifications done on the sedan.


However, we are unaware of the upgrades that he has opted for. The luxury full-size sedan offers optimum comfort and maximum safety and we wonder why he does not take it for a spin more often.

BMW 760 LI M SportsSpecs
Powertrain6.0L Twin-Turbo, V12
Horsepower544 hp
Torque553 lb.-ft
Transmission8-speed Automatic
0-60 MPH4.5 seconds
Top Speed155 MPH

The 6.0L twin-turbocharged V12 engine comes with a maximum horsepower of 544 hp. It has a massive figure in torque as well with 553 lb.-ft and the automatic transmission is pretty swift. The 0 to 60 figure is only 4.5 seconds and the top speed of the BMW is 155 MPH.

2. Lamborghini Huracan 

Triple H has a knack for speed, that much is apparent and the fact that he owns a Lamborghini Huracan should not come as a surprise.


The beastly supercar is made to rule the road and the orange Huracan that Paul drives steals the attention without breaking a sweat. The performance is phenomenal just like his long reign in the ring. He paid around $215,000 for the coupe.

Lamborghini Huracan Specs
Powertrain5.2L Naturally Aspirated, V10
Horsepower602 hp
Torque413 lb.-ft
Transmission7-speed Auto-Shift Manual
0-60 MPH2.6 seconds
Top Speed202 MPH

The Lamborghini Huracan comes with a 5.2L naturally aspirated V10 engine and it produces 602 hp of horsepower. The maximum torque from the vehicle is 413 lb.-ft and comes with a 7-speed auto-shift manual transmission that offers superior handling and performance. The supercar takes only 2.8 seconds to reach a speed of 60 MPH from a stop and the top speed of 202 MPH is exactly what you expect from it.

1. Rolls-Royce Phantom

Let us be honest here, a car collection from a millionaire is incomplete without a Rolls-Royce and the Phantom in Paul’s garage proves our point. He never shies away from showing off the priciest trophy from his collection and he is often clicked getting out of it while visiting his workplace or one of his charity organizations.


The $460,000 possession comes with unmatched luxury and has a ride quality that is as smooth as a knife through melting butter.

Rolls-Royce PhantomSpecs
Powertrain6.7L Twin-Turbo, V12
Horsepower563 hp
Torque664 lb.-ft
Transmission8-speed Automatic
0-60 MPH4.5 seconds
Top Speed155 MPH

The Rolls-Royce has a massive 6.7L twin-turbocharged V12 engine and offers an incredible power output of 563 hp. The maximum torque is 664 lb.-ft and the engine is mated with an 8-speed automatic transmission. It takes the Phantom only 4.5 seconds to reach 60 MPH from a stop and it has an incredible top speed of 155 MPH. 

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