Car Collection of NFL Celeb Jim Brown

By Simon Boseman

Published January 4, 2024

Car Collection of NFL Celeb Jim Brown

Initially starting his career as a gospel singer, Jim Brown rose to fame in the mid- 1950s as the lead singer in Famous Flames. He built his reputation as a dynamic live performer with Famous Flames. According to the Billboard Charts, the celebrity singer’s name was listed among the top 500 artists from 1942 to 2010. Throughout his entire career as a singer and later as an NFL commentator the singer had earned sufficient fame and nicknames like Godfather of Soul. It is also reported that the celebrity had a huge estate which was later sold for $90 million. The sports celebrity is considered as one of the richest millionaire celebrities of all time. According to sources, Jim Brown had a net worth of about $30 million at the time of him passing away. Apart from his interest in music, singing, and dancing the celebrity is also known for his interest in driving expensive cars. He also had a 2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, a 1937 Ford Coupe, and a 1966 Chevrolet Nova in his collection.

3. 1937 Ford Coupe 

After spending a lot of time working for the GM, Jim Brown admitted that most of his cars he had in his collection are from GM. The 1937 Ford Coupe was a good addition to the other GM vehicles he had in his possession. According to the celeb, though he didn’t like the straight axle of the vehicle however the coupe was a good pick for car shows. However, he found the straight axle of the car was a little bumpy.


The celebrity had worked on the car’s body and modified the car’s tires with racing wheels. He also added paint modifications to the car’s black matte body for presenting it in car shows. The celebrity has also added a Walker radiator and condenser to the car. The interiors have been updated too by adding power seats, Vintage Air conditioning, and a heating system. We believe it wasn’t a big deal for an NFL celeb like James Brown to shed some additional dollars to modify the 1937 Ford coupe with some of these features.

1937 Ford Coupe Specs 
Price $850
Powertrain 392 Hemi V8 engine
Horsepower485 hp
Torque 475 lb.-ft
Transmission 5-speed manual transmission
0-60 mph4 seconds
Top speed 182 mph

As a sports car lover, the celebrity had modified his old 1937 vintage coupe with a Hemi V8 engine and prepared it for the car shows, which he used to organize for charity purpose. The modified coupe had a 485 hp, and 475 lb.-ft torque capacity, and was equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission. It could easily reach 0-60 mph within 4 seconds. The car also had a top speed of 182 mph.

2. 1966 Chevrolet Nova

The NFL football commentator looked quite passionate about his winning 1966 Chevrolet Nova from his collection. Apart from his cyber gray colored Corvette, the classic 1966 Chevrolet Nova coupe is another car from his collection that has the same color. The legend had modified the car and gave a Pro Street racing look to its exterior. He also replaced ordinary tires and have racing tires that literally sucked the wheel wells. His car machinery was pre-assembled by John Visner who added a Crower crankshaft to the car. The Oliver billet connecting rods were also added to the vehicle along with the 10.5:1 JE forgings.


The car also had an LS6 oil supply system and a 6-quart steel pump. The car. The guy had also ensured that James has the advantage of using polished Brodix cylinder heads with a Brodix single-plane manifold. The celebrity was equally lucky to have a Quick Fuel Technology Pro series 1050 dominator in his car.

1966 Chevrolet NovaSpecs 
Price $2,430
Powertrain 509 in. LS series 8 cylinder big block-bark engine
Horsepower495 hp
Torque 500 lb.-ft
Transmission 3-speed automatic
0-60 mph10.3 seconds
Top speed -

The car had big Hoosiers and wheel wells were stretched and tubbed. The car also had door handles, locks, drip rails, and windshield wipers. The wiper vents of the car were eradicated. Apart from that, the car’s body paint was also modified by Tom Bodalski. The sheet metal was rubbed out and better quality metal was applied on the foot-deep. A platinum gray patina was applied to the ghost flames. The car had a 509 in. LS series 8-cylinder big block bark engine. Apart from that, the car also had a 495 hp, a torque capacity of 505 lb.-ft with a 3-speed automatic transmission. The car could reach 0-60 mph in just 10.3 seconds.

1. 2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

James Brown revealed in an interview that his love for the silver-gray Corvette ZR1 he had in his possession was an incredible choice in his collection. The celebrity has always enjoyed driving the V8 engine-powered coupe due to its effortless transmission.


While acquiring the car, he mentioned that he specifically asked someone to get the car colored cyber gray. He contacted Leon Gray to know the exact color of the same coupe he had got and ordered the same color for his Corvette ZR1 too. That defines him as a man who was choosy about the trim color of the vehicles in his collection. The seater 2-dr coupe has a fixed roof and is available in a rear-wheel drive option. The car’s construction is composite and has carbon body fiber body panels.

2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Specs 
Price $106,520
Powertrain 6.2 liter LS9 small block V8
Horsepower638 hp
Torque 604 lb.-ft
Transmission 7-speed manual with Active Rev Match 8-speed paddle-shaft automatic
0-60 mph3.0 seconds
Top speed 200.5 mph

The car was equipped with 6.2 liter LS9 block V8 engine. It is also equipped with 638 hp and a torque capacity of 604 lb.-ft. The car has a 7-speed manual with Active Rev Match 8 -speed paddle shift automatic transmission. The car also could reach 0-60 mph in just 3.0 seconds. The car has a top speed of 200.5 mph.

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