Michael Dell’s Net Worth

By Joseph White

Published July 23, 2024

Michael Dell’s Net Worth

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  • What is the net worth of Michael Dell?
  • What is Michael Dell's claim to fame?
  • How many businesses does Michael Dell own?
  • How does Michael Dell spend his billions?
  • What are Michael Dell‘s charitable contributions?
  • What’s next for Michael Dell?

Michael Dell is a businessman and tech mogul who is best known for founding Dell Technologies, a global technology infrastructure company, in 1984. He began his journey as an entrepreneur as early as the age of 12 by selling stamps and later moved to assembling and selling computer upgrade kits while a freshman at the University of Texas. 


Later his business model shifted to the innovative approach of bypassing the middleman and directly selling to customers steadily became famous, and soon enough, it revolutionized the entire personal computer industry. Beyond business, Dell is also known for his philanthropic efforts, which shine through the Michael & Susan Deel Foundation, which focuses on a bunch of things, including economic stability, education, and the health of the underprivileged. His impact extends much beyond technology, making him a significant individual in both the tech and philanthropic worlds.

Net Worth$105.4 Billion
Yearly Income$16 Million (est.)
Date of BirthFeb 23, 1965
Place of BirthHouston, Texas, United States
Height5’ 5’’
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Philanthropist, Author
No. of Houses2+
No. of Cars3+

What is the net worth of Michael Dell?

As of June 2024, Michael Dell has a net worth of $105.4 billion.

Michael Dell's primary source of income has always been Dell Technologies, which he founded in 1984, providing the seeding funding. As of now, he holds around 58.9% of the stakes in Dell Technologies, which is equivalent to 345 million Type C shares, and that fuels his wealth even more. Although he does not reveal much about his yearly income, it is known that Michael earns around $16 to $20 million every year.


He is also known to make indirect income from VMware, which was mostly acquired by Dell back in 2004, and DFO Management, which is the Dell family's private equity company. In the last 4 years, his net worth has grown over 4 times.

What is Michael Dell's claim to fame?

He founded Dell Technologies at just the age of 19.

Michael Dell is first and foremost famous for his ability to create and run such a big business empire into a new industry of his time. His journey towards fame began in his dorm room at the University of Texas, where, with just $1,000, he founded Dell Technologies. Slowly, by selling custom-built computers directly to his customers, Dell bypassed all the money that went to the middleman. 


The direct-sales model slowly revolutionized the PC industry, which led Dell to become the forerunner in PC making. With the launch of its IPO in 1988 and the introduction of the PowerEdge server line in the mid-1990s, Michael and his company started to gain some serious attention and spotlight from the tech and business world, and that steadily cemented his status as a pioneer in the tech industry.

How many businesses does Michael Dell own?

Dell pioneered the direct-to-customer PC sales model,

Michael Dell is a highly accomplished businessman who has a rather small portfolio of businesses. However, his prominent and enduring success lies with Dell Technologies. Down below are some of the businesses that he is currently associated with:


  • Dell Technologies: Michael started this company back in 1984 with just $1,000. Over the course of four decades, Dell expanded out of Michael's dorm room at the University of Texas to become the largest PC maker globally. Currently, Michael plays the role of chairman and CEO at the company and owns around 58.9% of the stake in it. 


  • VMware: It is a virtual cloud computing and virtualization technology company that is indirectly owned by Dell. Currently, Dell owns around 81% of the stakes in VMware, which makes this virtual computing company significantly contribute to Dell Technologies' overall business landscape.


  • DFO Management: DFO Management is a New York-based family office that only manages the capital of Michael Dell and his family. This family office plays a significant role in diversifying Michael's portfolio and engaging in strategic investments across different sectors. However, details regarding the holdings have never been revealed by the Dell family.


These are businesses that are currently owned by Michael Dell. Over the past four decades, he has built a multi-billion-dollar enterprise that has later diversified into other industries, acquiring other smaller companies and spreading more influence for him.

How does Michael Dell spend his billions?

Dell likes to enjoy his billions by investing in various things, besides his business. Some of those leisurely things include luxurious estates, cars, yachts, jets, and more. Check them out in detail down below.


How many houses does Michael Dell own?

Michael Dell is known to own a plethora of houses across the U.S. However, there is very little information available about the same, as Michael, like many other multi-billionaires out there, does not like to extensively reveal his assets. Here is a look at some of his houses:


  • Austin Mansion: Michael Dell owns a luxurious mansion spread over 33,000 square feet. The mansion is located in Austin, Texas, and is nicknamed The Castle. It was worth around $25 million, and since his acquisition, Michael has spent over $30 million on its renovation


  • New York City Condo: Michael Dell also owns a luxurious condo in One57, a skyscraper on Manhattan's Billionaires' Row in New York City. He bought this estate for $100 billion, but its value has dropped significantly since then.


Apart from these two properties, Dell is also known to own other houses in Boston and Hawaii, that cost around $40 and $70 million respectively.

How big is Michael Dell's car collection?

Michael Dell owns very few cars in his collection, at least based on the information available to the public; however, none of the information has ever been confirmed by Michael himself. Below is a brief look at the cars that are known to be owned by him.


  • First Generation Porsche Boxster S: Michael Dell owns a First Generation Porsche Boxster S. Michael is a Porsche fan, and he owns the car to enjoy the fun it offers. 


  • Hummer H2: Michael Dell owns a Hummer H2 in his collection, which is one of the most reputed SUVs around the world. Michael is seen in Texas driving his Hummer H2, enjoying the sunny days


  • Porsche 911 Carrera GT: Michael Dell also owns a Porsche 911 Carrera GT. The Porsche 911 Carrera GT is the second Porsche in his collection. 

What other assets does Michael Dell own?


Michael Dell's portfolio also includes the Hamilton Harbor Yacht Club, which is located in Naples, Florida. It is a $16.125 million club situated near a waterfront and offers full marina service, waterfront dining, and more.


Besides that, he also owns two private jets: a sleek Gulfstream V-Jet, which is valued at around $40 million, and a big and luxurious Boeing Dreamliner 787 that is priced at a staggering $239 million.

What are Michael Dell‘s charitable contributions?

Michael Dell is one of the most popular philanthropists who has made significant contributions to various causes. Over the years, he and his wife Susan have made over $3 billion worth of investments to bring about changes in society. Here is a look at some of his known charitable contributions:


  • Michael & Susan Dell Foundation: Michael Dell is the founder of the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, which works for education and family economic stability programs. The organization works with children to offer them all sorts of support related to education and health. The couple had also made a donation of $100 million to help small businesses and others to combat the global coronavirus pandemic as well as find treatments for COVID-19.


  • Donating Dell Shares: Michael Dell had donated chunks of Dell shares worth 350 million dollars, which were eventually given to the charitable organizations of Michael and Susan Dell. 40% of the funds went to the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, according to Forbes.


  • Dell Medical School at the University of Texas at Austin: Dell and his foundation were major contributors to the establishment of this medical school. Their donations support innovative medical research, the training of future healthcare professionals, and making care more accessible in Texas. He has donated twice in that school, around $50 million and $100 million in 2013 and 2020, respectively.


  • Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas: The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation has made significant contributions to building this children’s hospital in central Texas, which was made through the donations raised by the Dell Children Foundation. And impressively, over $252 million has been raised since 1996.


  • Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts: Michael Dell pledged to donate $36 million after Hurricane Harvey's devastation in 2017. This package supported the relief efforts for the victims of the hurricane.


His philanthropic deeds have left quite a positive impact on society, especially among underprivileged children, healthcare, and disaster relief. This also leaves an inspiring trail for future generations to follow.

What’s next for Michael Dell?


Michael Dell has been on a selling spree, as he plans to sell around $1.3 billion worth of Dell's shares, according to regulatory data. Earlier in 2024, he and his wife Susan had already offloaded a whopping $1.6 worth of Dell's shares, and at this pace, it is going to be Michael's biggest-ever selling year. Furthermore, according to him, the selling spree is going to continue in 2025 as he offloads those shares to support his philanthropic endeavors.


Has Michael Dell served in any leadership roles within his company?

Yes, Michael Dell has served as the CEO and chairman of Dell Technologies since its inception.

Does Michael Dell have any educational background?

Michael Dell attended the University of Texas at Austin before dropping out to focus on his business ventures.

What is Michael Dell's approach to business?

Michael Dell's approach to business emphasizes innovation, customer satisfaction, and efficiency in operations.

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