Jim Walton's Net Worth

By Joseph White

Published July 9, 2024

Jim Walton's Net Worth

Jim Walton is the youngest son of Walmart’s founder Sam Walton, who inherited the legacy of excellence along with his older brother and sister. He has been an important figure in the business world and has made numerous significant contributions throughout Walmart and the predominantly family-run Arvest Bank Group.


Under his guidance, Walmart had massive growth in various sectors, the most important one being the embracement of e-commerce and diversifying its offerings which significantly increased his respect and reputation in the company. For Arvest Bank, he completely changed the way it worked and made it a major player in the local banking sector of around 4 states.


Beyond the corporate circle, Jim is also a very well-known personality in the philanthropic world, all because of his commitment to education, health, and economic mobility, reflecting his sense of responsibility.

Net Worth$86.7 Billion
Yearly IncomeN/A
Date of Birth7th June 1948
Place of BirthNewport, Arkansas
ProfessionBusinessman, Stock Trader
No. of Houses2+
No. of CarsN/A

What is Jim Walton’s Net worth?

In 2024, Jim Walton boasts a net worth of around $86.7 billion.

Jim Walton is the youngest sibling and a prominent member of the Walton family, which is the richest family in the U.S. His wealth primarily stems from the 13% stake that Jim holds at Walmart through the Walton Enterprises and the Walton Family Holdings.


Beyond Walmart, Jim has also heavily invested in Arvest Bank over the years, and now serves as the CEO of the Arvest Bank Group. This group operates over 260 banks across Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, holding assets worth around $21 billion, solidifying the Walton-run bank’s position as a major player in the region. 


Additionally, he also owns a newspaper publishing company called Community Publisher Inc. which further fuels his net worth alongside the stock sales and dividends from which he has collected over $15 billion as of yet.

What is Jim Walton’s claim to fame?

Jim Walton’s ascent to fame is heavily attributed to the influential role that he has played at Walmart over the years. He joined the board of directors in 2005 and since then his strategic oversight has helped the company to sustain its global retail leadership. Jim’s contribution has been a key force in driving Walmart’s growth and solidifying his status in the business world.


He has also made a significant amount of name in the banking sector through his involvement with the Arvest Bank. Under his leadership, the bank has had significant success in the states of Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas, while maintaining stable growth. 

What ventures does Jim Walton own or is a part of?

As the CEO and Chairman of Avest Bank Group, Jim boasts over $20 billion worth of its assets.

As a prominent leader, Jim Walton has made contributions to various sectors where he demonstrated his foresight and diverse business acumen. His investments span various industries, which portrays his commitment to fostering growth.


  • Walmart: Jim Walton is the youngest sibling among the three stakeholders of the company, their father Sam Walton founded. He currently holds around 13% of the stakes, through Walton Enterprises and Walton Family Holdings Trust.


  • Arvest Bank: He also owns the majority of the stake (44%) in Arvest Bank, where he currently serves as the chairman. Currently, this bank group boasts over $18 billion worth of assets making it one of the largest locally owned banking group.


  • Community Publisher Inc.: Jim Walton is known to own Community Publisher Inc., which operates newspaper agencies and newspaper publishing houses across Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri. 


These few ventures showcase Jim’s investment choices and his sheer commitment to grow across different sectors. Alongside that, his portfolio of investments also includes some other significant companies like Walmart Enterprise Walmart Family Holdings, and more.

How does Jim Walton spend his billions?


Jim Walton being a very private individual deliberately keeps the details about his assets a secret. This is also one of the reasons why determining the number of cars, estates, and other high-end transportation he owns is challenging as they are kept out of the public’s eyes.


How many properties does Jim Walton own?

Despite having an immense amount of wealth Jim Walton is known to maintain a relatively modest lifestyle which is why he is also known to own two properties in Bentonville, Arkansas, and in Paradise Valley, Arizona. 


Among these two properties, the one in Bentonville is where Jim currently resides. It is a $3.9 million house that comes with 2 bedrooms, and 3.5 bathrooms and is spread over 4,995 sqft of area.

How many cars does Jim Walton own?


Jim is known for his private nature, so much so that he has never disclosed any pieces of information regarding his car collection. 

What are Jim Walton’s charitable contributions?

The American billionaire and businessman Jim Walton, has not only left a significant impact on the business world but has also made significant philanthropic contributions till now, mostly through the Walton Family Foundation.


  • Walmart Stocks: In 2019, Jim donated 2.6 billion worth of shares to various unidentified charities and communities.


  • Education: Through the Walton Family Foundation Jim allocated substantial resources to improve K-12 education, following the footsteps of Sam and Helen Walton.


  • Community Development: The Walton Family Foundation has also heavily invested in the communities in the Arkansas-Mississippi Delta region and the northwest of Arkansas to enhance economic development, along with education and arts.


Jim’s legacy extends beyond success in the business world, and through philanthropy. Moreover, through the Walton Family Foundation, he continues to make an impact while leaving a positive mark in various communities across the U.S.

What’s next for Jim Walton? 


As the Walton family continues to expand its business, Jim Walton is going to play a crucial role in areas like e-commerce, as he has already proven to be instrumental in Walmart’s massive growth over the last few years. 


Alongside that, the succession plan is underway with the next generation of Waltons being groomed for leadership. Among them, Jim’s son Steuart who is already involved in the business stands out as a potential successor.

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What is the current net worth of Jim Walton?

As of June 2024, Jim Walton has a net worth of $86.7 billion

What is the number of stakes that Jim Walton currently holds at Walmart?

Jim Walton currently holds around 13% stakes at Walmart, through Walmart Enterprise, and Walmart Family Holdings.

Which banking group does Jim Walton owns?

Jim Walton owns the Arvest Banking Group.

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