Makeup Mogul Jeffree Star’s Car Collection In 2024 Will Have You Staring With Awe

By Simon Boseman

Published April 23, 2024

Makeup Mogul Jeffree Star’s Car Collection In 2024 Will Have You Staring With Awe

Makeup artist and one of the world’s richest YouTubers Jeffree Star owns a $4.8 million car collection. He is, what we in the business call, a true collector. The former pop star keeps a part of his 15+ fleet of cars in LA and the rest in Wyoming. 

He conquered all the biggest social media platforms starting from MySpace to TikTok. Jeffree has always been the talk of the town whether it's his luxury mansion and luggage or his feuds and controversies. But Jeffree Star’s car collection stands out because of the extravagant modifications. And there is also the weird fact that most of it comes in a shade of pink! Yes, PINK.

Ford Crown Victoria

Starting with the oldest car in his garage, Jeffree Star owns a 1955 Ford Crown Victoria. The most majestic 2-door V8 classic was introduced in the same year and Star has a highly modified one sitting in his LA garage. Both the exterior and interior come in tropical rose and cream which is kinda expected but that is not even the second-best part of the car. 

The Crown Vic comes with an automatic since Jeffree himself admitted that he is not a big fan of (read unable to manage) a stick shifter. The vehicle also comes with handles that can turn the spotlights on the side of the car - isn’t it way cooler than the glass roof?

Success is a combination of something, something, and a McLaren

There is a saying in Latin - “everything that comes in threes is perfect”, and we think Jeffree Star believes that wholeheartedly. The YouTuber has 3 McLarens, 2 in pink and the most expensive one in Blue. 

Mclaren 570S

Jeffree’s McLaren 570S originally came in volcano orange on the outside while the interior was all black with orange stitching. But we know that’s not something to satisfy him and he got it hand-dyed from Italy. 

The 570S was the first McLaren he bought and his “cute baby” and the sparkly pink exterior was Jeffree’s own customization. The hot pink interior has his Star logo on the headrests and the entire modification cost him nearly $200,00. Jeffree’s 570S is also the first car in California with a pink license plate designed to support and create awareness of breast cancer. 

McLaren 765LT

The McLaren 765LT is a more recent buy for Star and this one is splashed in bright pink. The term ‘specially modified’ feels so cliches when it comes to Jeffree’s cars but to create his “Pink Magic”, the owner of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics collaborated with McLaren Newport Beach and McLaren Special Operations.

MSO basically built this 765LT from the ground up. The “Cotton-Candy Dream Car” has its lighter pink interior highlighted in blue pearl and the custom pedals come in baby blue. The 1-of-1 McLaren borrows its carbon-fiber racing seats from the Senna and Jeffree’s creative inputs make it all the more special. The cost? Close to $700k which is almost double the MSRP of a stock model. 

McLaren Senna

The third McLaren that Jeffree brought to his garage is the most expensive of the three. The $1.7M McLaren Senna is the odd one out here for two reasons. Firstly, it’s not pink rather comes in a sweet Tiffany Blue with black highlights. The wrap came from Tiffany & Co., a luxury jewelry and specialty design house from Manhattan. 

Then comes the fact that the Senna does not reside in Jeffree’s garage anymore. Yes, the blue McLaren is off to the market as he listed it for sale somewhere around 2021. It means she didn’t have the three McLarens at once as this was scratched from the list before Jeffree took delivery of the 765LT. 

If at first you don’t feel satisfied, buy, buy, buy again

Much like his score on McLaren sports cars, Jeffree got himself multiple Lamborghini models. And would you be surprised to learn that he sold off the only non-pink model?

Lamborghini 610-4 Huracán

The Lamborghini 610-4 Huracán is the car that replaced his first-ever vehicle, the Nissan Sentra but more on that later. Jeffree got his Huracán modified by none other than West Coast Customs. He said it was his first (modified car) and calls it Star Edition. 

The Jeffree’s 2018 Lamborghini comes in Alcantara pink and there’s white detailing on the grill and rims. The interior is in a similar shade and the headrests wear the Jeffree Star logo with pride. The Huracán lives alongside his fleet of Rolls-Royce in his LA mansion. 

Lamborghini Urus

He also opted for a Lamborghini SUV and he liked it very much. However, Jeffree Star’s Lamborghini Urus had one small problem, it came in the factory Yellow. 

As fate you have it, the YouTuber swapped it out in 2020 for a pink version of the same model. The monstrous SUV with a 4.0L twin-turbo V8 comes in Barbie Pink and Star loves it so much that it became his everyday car. 

Aston Martin Vantage

The Aston Martin Vantage from Jeffree Star’s car collection can easily be termed the biggest source of controversy. First of all - in a video with Supercar Blondie, he admitted that the Aston is probably his least favorite car in the garage. This might be enough to upset some 007 fans but there are bigger stories. 

According to one of Star’s own YouTube videos, the Vantage was a surprise gift for his boyfriend Nathan Schwandt before they called it quits. The break-up took an ugly turn revolving around the ownership of the luxury sports car and Jeffree claimed that the Vantage was always his. The endgame? The twice-modded hot pink Aston Martin Vantage sits between the Crown Victoria and the Huracán with some of its original bright yellow still intact inside the cabin. 

“Take the best that exists and make it better”

Jeffree took Henry Royce’s words quite literally as he bought not one or two but four Rolls-Royce cars and transformed them into something more special. 

Rolls-Royce Black Badge Wraith

A Rolls-Royce Black Badge Wraith is probably the most stylish and thrilling car to drive but uh uh, not for this guy. Jeffree Star modified his 2018 Wraith with a Yellow wrap. 

It’s not just the exterior color, the convertible also comes with 24-ing wheels to match the level of majesticness of Star. He also had to mess with the front part of the Wraith’s body to make sure there is no scraping while turning the wheels.

Star Pink Rolls Royce Black Badge Cullinan

He calls it the most modified Rolls-Royce Black Badge Cullinan. The Cullinan shines in Factory Star Pink and according to Jeffree, all car parts came from the factory excluding the rims. It also has a custom star headliner that also comes in pink. 

That’s not all, Jeffree also has a mini fridge in the backseat - talk about luxury of the highest level. In the video with SupercarBlondie, he revealed that he protects his car mats by making everyone wear disposable shoe covers when they get into his Star Pink Rolls Royce Cullinan.

Chocolate Brown Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Jeffree Star had another Rolls-Royce Cullinan in full black but had an accident. Back in 2021, Star was in Wyoming traveling in his Cullinan and had a crash where the car reportedly flipped 3 times. Fortunately, the makeup mogul made it out alive but the car was full of dents. 

Jeffree had to replace it and he got another Cullinan that comes in Chocolate exterior and choco-brown interior. This one might not be as modified as the “Star Pink” but has made enough improvements. The plate is Wyoming which has the number “1” and YAK on it making it as unique as Jeffree himself.

Baby Ice Pink 1965 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III

The oldest one among his Rolls-Royce fleet is a classic from 1965. Jeffree Star owns a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III which comes in Baby Ice Pink. The YouTuber sent it to West Coast Customs for a complete overhaul and they rebuilt the vintage beast. 

A new LS engine with 8 cylinders was installed and the modifier had paid extra attention to details making sure that the interior of Jeffree’s car matched the exterior beautifully. The end result was breathtaking and after almost 2 years Star took delivery of the Silver Cloud on the same day as his McLaren 765LT.

Nissan Sentra

The 1991 Nissan Sentra was Jeffree’s most trusted chariot. The white sedan with around 20 dents was his everyday car when he was driving around LA. This was back when he was sleeping on his friend’s couch and using the Nissan to visit clients for makeup jobs. 

It is truly remarkable how Jeffree Star brought his life around and became an internet personality and car collector. He admitted in an interview "When I used to sleep on my friend’s couch and drive my 1991 Nissan Sentra to work every day, I never imagined in my wildest dreams I would become a car collector.”

TheStradman's Toyota Supra Widebody

TheStradman is another YouTuber who is crazy about cars and often modifies his vehicles to a great extent. It is only natural that Stradman and Jeffree have some mutual respect. But that’s not all as we have seen the former dedicating a whole video of the “Star Pink” Rolls-Royce at the time of delivery. 

Escalating things further, the makeup artist-businessman officially bought the Toyota Supra Widebody from Stradman. We honestly did not see that coming because the Supra comes in a beautiful Satin Purple which is not the most common color in Jeffree’s garage.

Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X is the only all-electric that has resided in Jeffree's garage. The luxury crossover SUV features bold steering with a better feel and an unobstructed view of the path that lies ahead. Star was seen with this vehicle a few years back where he was seen putting up his makeup while the car was on autopilot.

Just like most of Jeffree Star's car collection, the Tesla was also wrapped in pink but the shade was lighter and closer to cream. However, as of the current date, the vehicle is no longer a part of his collection.

BMW i8

Jeffree Star bought his BMW i8 only to get it redone by the West Coast Customs before showing up in public. This plug-in hybrid sports car was among the closest to Jeffree's heart and he has mentioned his BMW in several interviews.

The first modification had a lighter pink exterior with white highlights and silver rims while the interior was done in black and the leather was brown. However, a few years ago, Jeffree changed the exterior wrap of his BMW i8 to a slightly darker shade of pink.


The BMW Z4 is a two-seater convertible sports car that features a low-slung body with sleek lines and a retractable hardtop roof. Overall the body is an aerodynamic masterpiece, the front end of which is closed by the iconic kidney grille of BMW sharply flanked by the headlights while the rear end of the vehicle comes with bold taillights and dual exhausts.

Jeffree had his BMW Z4 in pink but that is no surprise at this point, right? What we like the best is the California number plate of the Z4 as it says "PINKFVR" reflecting what Star is suffering from.

Jeep Rubicon Wrangler

Next up in the garage of Jeffree Star is the Jeep Rubicon Wrangler, this is one of the best off-road vehicles that is true to its promised ruggedness and durability. The car has no complaints when it comes to roads where other vehicles usually tend to give up, the Rubicon is the most capable off-road version of the Wrangler, which also features heavy-duty axles and locking differentials.

The Rubicon Wrangler originally had a white exterior with the badging in the dark but you already know that was not something to satisfy Jeffree Star. The internet personality changed the white to pink while the rims are a combination of pink and silver.

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